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get rid of ants

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Springtime brings favorable weather and open windows for fresh air. But with the weather change comes the chance for more bugs, especially ants. Ants are common household pests in Nashville homes, and they can quickly infest your home. So today on the blog, one of the best Nashville pest control companies shares how to get rid of ants.

Get rid of ant beds

One of the first ways to keep ants out of your home is to get rid of ant beds located on your property. Colonized ants on your lawn close to your home’s foundation are more likely to infiltrate your home. The best pest control companies in Murfreesboro recommend keeping your property clean as well. Removing dead limbs and leaves off your lawn will discourage ants and other pests from setting up camp on your property.

Get rid of standing water or moisture

Ants, like most pests, love moisture. Homes with crawlspaces are prone to moisture issues, so we recommend taking a peek at your crawlspace to ensure you have no leaky pipes, standing water, or moisture issues. Empty standing water out of any items stored outside, like play equipment, lawn furniture, or other items harboring water. Also, if your lawn has drainage issues due to poor grading or lack of sufficient sunlight, consider fixing those issues. Making that small investment now is beneficial to your home’s structural integrity and ensures it doesn’t harbor mold and mildew due to excessive moisture.

Keep food stored properly

Food is one of the main attractions for pests. Ants prefer starchy crumbs like cereal, crackers, and chips, as well as anything containing sugar. It’s best to store all food in properly sealed containers unless it can be stored in the fridge. Additionally, avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink and remove food debris from counters and the floor after each meal. Food scraps and trash should be removed from the home daily as well.

Seal entry points

Weather stripping around doors and windows is designed to seal out varying temperatures and pests. However, due to daily use, it wears out and degrades after some time. Homeowners should inspect their home’s weather stripping around doors and windows at least once a year or whenever the season changes to ensure they are in good condition. If you notice any leaks or cracks, replace the weather stripping entirely. Additionally, inspect your crawlspace and foundation for any holes or cracks that allow pests to enter.

Get year-round pest control treatment

Whether you get year-round pest control treatments or not, we recommend that you follow our above-mentioned tips for getting rid of ants in your Nashville home. However, an additional measure to help is to sign up for year-round pest control. Quarterly treatments help keep bugs out and kill live ones that make it inside your home. At Ameri Care, we offer professional pest control for home and business owners in Middle Tennessee.

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