Insects vs. Bugs?

Nashville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet TN

Question: Can you settle an argument? My wife told me that a spider is not an insect. Is she pulling my leg?

 Answer: The bug world is tricky; all insects are bugs, but not all bugs are insects. So, technically, your wife is correct. According to the Big Bug Book, here are the facts. Insects (Hexapoda or Insecta) have six legs. Spiders (Arachnida) have eight. Insects eat lots of things, even plastic, paper and lint. Spiders eat mostly insects. Insects have antennae in order to smell. Spiders don’t, they sense through bristles on their legs. Insects usually have wings. Spiders do not. Insects have three distinct body parts. Spiders have two. And as far as your wife’s leg pulling goes, Granddaddy Long Legs (not a spider) can lose a leg and move on with the other five with no problem. Confused? It’s ok. That’s why we’re here.  If you have a pest control problem and need an exterminator and live in the Franklin, Mt. Juliet, Nashville or Murfreesboro area then call us or contact us today. Also visit our pest ID library to see what kind of bug or insect you have!

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