Crawl Space and Basement Dehumidifiers

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Even after you have encapsulated your crawl space with CleanSpace Encapsulation System, dampness can collect below a home. Houses naturally draw air in from the lower levels, bringing in air from the outside through your crawl space. This is known as the stack effect, and it can bring up the relative humidity levels throughout a whole house. Up to 40% of the air on the first floor can come from the crawl space below.

This is a huge problem in the more humid summer months. Every degree that air cools raises its Relative Humidity by 2.2%, so when warm air is pulled into your cool crawl space the additional moisture will condense on your air conditioning ducts, CleanSpace system and even the floor joists. Wood and water are a bad combination, since all it takes is a little moisture on an organic material for rot and mold to take over. To add to the problem, that humid air is also drawn up and into a home via the stack effect – and brings any mold or musty smell up into living areas with it.

There are only two ways to remove the damp. You could heat the air to lower the Relative Humidity – and pay the money for your air conditioner to fight the heater in your crawl space (while the moisture STILL condenses on your cold ducting) – or you can attack the problem directly with a sophisticated and appropriate dehumidifier.

Most dehumidifiers, however, are simply not up to the job. The small coil of a regular dehumidifier is inefficient at pulling moisture from the cooler, crawl space air, so it has to run longer and work harder. Additionally, many dehumidifiers are horribly inefficient in their own right and do not deal significantly with filtering the air.

aprilaire unitThe Right Equipment

The clear solution is a dehumidifier that is designed especially for a damp crawl space. After dealing with this problem for nearly 20 years, Basement Systems developed an amazing dehumidifier system to meet strict Energy Star requirements while maximizing the amount of water pulled from the air – the perfect solution for crawl space moisture.

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