7 Steps to Rid your Home of Bed Bugs

rid home of bedbugs

rid home of bedbugsNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Signs of bedbugs in your home may cause uneasiness and an unwillingness to continue sleeping in the same bed. Unfortunately, bed bug treatment is a complex process that requires professional pest control services in Nashville. Therefore, our Nashville area bed bug experts at Ameri Care Services share seven steps to rid your home of bed bugs so that you can once again sleep comfortably.

  1. Remain Calm

You may struggle to maintain your composure when you notice bed bugs. In some cases, it could induce anxiety or panic attacks, resulting in other health complications. Therefore, our bed bug pros in Murfreesboro advise homeowners to remain calm but act quickly before the situation gets out of hand.

  1. Identify the Problem

After you spot possible bed bugs, it’s important to collect a sample to show our insect experts in Nashville that can properly identify the pest. Then, if the pest is a bed bug and you live in an apartment complex, notify your landlord immediately because the other units need an inspection. Otherwise, inspect your home thoroughly to uncover the infestation extent and begin the planning process to get rid of them.

  1. Create a Plan

Creating a treatment plan can help you monitor bed bug activity to ensure your treatment efforts are effective. Our Murfreesboro bed bug experts advise homeowners to record the dates and locations where the pests appear so that targeting them is easier. Additionally, create a schedule that includes personal plans, like vacations, that can help you complete the following prevention checklist.

  1. Prevent the Infestation from Spreading

Even though you may have a minor bed bug infestation, ignoring the problem will only exasperate the condition. Therefore, our Nashville pest control experts share below a few ways to help you keep the infestation in check.

  • Get rid of or treat infested items.
  • Seal untreatable items in a plastic bag or other container and store them for up to a year.
  • Purchase mattress and box spring protectors to kill the bed bugs.
  • After each use, vacuum and seal the bag tightly before discarding it in an outdoor trash container.
  • If you can’t safely eliminate the bed bugs, dispose of furniture responsibly.
  1. Prepare for Treatment

The first step is to properly prepare your home, whether you plan to hire a pest control expert or try to get rid of the bugs yourself. First, our Murfreesboro bed bug pros recommend reducing clutter to lower your bed bug risk because that’s where they nest. So, eliminate newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, and clothing you no longer use. Next, make your bed an island where it’s 6 inches away from the wall, and remove bed bugs, larva, and eggs from the headboard and frame. Finally, use bed bug-proof covers on your box spring and mattress and remove items from underneath the bed.

  1. Kill the Bed Bugs

There are multiple bed bug treatments, whether you choose a DIY approach or professional services. However, our Nashville bed bug pros caution that selected treatment methods should be legal, effective, and safe. Therefore, avoid treatments that use kerosene, rubbing alcohol, gasoline, or sticky traps because they could cause harm to your family or property and are ineffective. Instead, use non-chemical methods suitable to your infestation like a cold treatment, heat treatment, and steam cleaning. You can also use an EPA-registered pesticide or foggers (bug bombs) if bed bugs are on the label.

  1. Monitor and Prevent

After you complete your preliminary cleanup and control procedures, keep an eye out for any signs of bed bugs every few days. If you find bed bugs, it means that either the original cleanup managed to miss some bugs or eggs hatched. So, use different pesticides like desiccants or food-grade diatomaceous earth. If the infestation becomes unmanageable, contact our pest experts that treat bed bugs in Murfreesboro for quality treatment that can eradicate bed bugs.

Bed Bug Treatment in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Discovering bed bugs in your sheets can easily make your skin crawl and make it tough to get a good night’s rest. By taking immediate action, you can reduce the infestation and gain peace of mind. If you have questions about bed bugs and treatment options, please call Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online.