How to Avoid Bed Bugs while Traveling

avoid bedbugs

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Summertime is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for vacations. You’ve probably spent months planning your getaway, from saving for your trip to planning your stay, activities, and dining options. And, you want your trip to go smoothly, and we certainly hope that it does. But there is one thing that could ruin your vacation – bedbugs! So today on the blog, our bed bug exterminators in Murfreesboro at Ameri Care Services share how to avoid bedbugs while traveling.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on human blood. They often do so at night while their subject sleeps. Hence why they are called bed bugs. However, these pesky insects can also be found on furniture and in public places like schools, offices, movie theaters, or any other public space that has fabric-covered furniture. But, the most likely place to get bed bugs are hotels, bed and breakfasts, and Air B&Bs. Here’s how to avoid these blood-sucking insects when you travel.

Check out the hotel or place you’ll be staying before you book it. Read online reviews to see if there have been any reported problems with bed bugs. Hopefully, the place you’ve chosen to stay has good reviews. But you aren’t in the clear just yet!

There are several things you can do upon checking into your room to ensure the place does not have bed bugs.

  • First, immediately place your luggage in the bathroom or on another hard surface while you check the other areas for bedbugs.
  • Check the mattress by pulling back the bedding and inspecting the mattress for any tiny dark spots or stains, bed bug eggs, or shells. Also, look along the headboard for any bed bugs. Examine the furniture for any signs of bedbugs as well.
  • If you do not notice any signs of bed bugs, then you are probably in the clear. However, if you spot bed bugs, remove your belongings immediately, and contact the hotel or property management.

Ideally, you can rule out bedbugs initially, but sometimes, the worst happens. You don’t notice bedbugs until it’s too late. Here’s what to do to prevent bringing them home with you.

Since bedbugs are hitchhikers, they could be hiding in your clothing or luggage. Therefore, when you return home, do not bring anything inside. If you’re able, remove your clothing in the garage and immediately wash all of your clothing in hot water. Another option is to leave your luggage outside for a couple of days before bringing it in and washing it. Bedbugs rely on a host for survival, so they won’t stay in your bags for very long if there isn’t anything for them to feast on.

What happens if I get bed bugs at home?

Unfortunately, this does happen, and you can’t get rid of bedbugs yourself. Bedbug extermination requires professional pest control services. If you discover bed bugs inside your home, please contact Ameri Care Services by calling (615) 893-7111 or visit us online today. Ameri Care Services offers bed bug extermination in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Hermitage. Don’t let bedbugs ruin your vacation or make you regret traveling. Call a trusted pest control company near you for help!