How to tell if you have Bed Bugs in your Nashville Home

how to tell if you have bed bugs

how  to tell if you have bed bugsNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Insect bites are common during the summer. But waking up with new bug bites all over your body is enough to invoke fear and panic. However, when you notice bites but know you remained indoors, it may be good to investigate your bed for signs of bed bugs. Fortunately, our local bed bug exterminators at Ameri Care Services share on the blog today how to tell if you have bed bugs in your Nashville home so that you can get treatment and sleep in peace.

What are bed bug characteristics?

Bed bugs like to remain hidden, so they can be challenging to locate. Sometimes, bed bugs get mistaken for booklice, spider beetles, fleas, or ticks. If you’re unsure of the pests in your home, feel free to contact our technicians to identify the intruder and provide treatments to remove the infestation from your home. Adult bed bugs have oval-shaped, wide, flat bodies about the same size and shape as an apple seed with six legs and antennae. However, they begin as oblong, white, pinhead-sized eggs that usually hide in mattress and floor crevices. Once a week old, bed bugs hatch, donning a translucent, white, tiny body, making them difficult to detect. Murfreesboro bed bug exterminators explain the subsequent life-cycle stages progress when the bugs consume blood. As bed bugs molt and move to the next stage, their color darkens while they grow larger. Adult female bed bugs can lay five eggs per day with an available food source.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

Typically, the first sign of a bed bug infestation is bites found on your body. Since bed bugs require a blood meal before progressing through growth stages, they will consume your blood when available. Sleeping humans are an excellent target and provide the perfect time to feed. Therefore, when you wake to find red, itchy welts around your neck and shoulder areas that follow a linear pattern, then you may have a bed bug infestation. Nashville bed bug exterminators explain another infestation sign: blood spots on your pillow, sheets, or blankets. The sites may be tiny, but they are a sure indication of a bed bug infestation and can appear on upholstery and clothing. Additionally, noticing tannish-brown streaks on bed linens or a musty odor are also warning signs of a bed bug infestation.

How do I rid my home of bed bugs?

Discovering any bed bug sign can cause uneasy feelings when attempting to sleep. Not only is your bed at a high infestation risk, but other soft or cloth surfaces in your home can harbor bed bugs. Although retail treatments promise good results, unfortunately, they are often ineffective due to a lack of a thorough treatment process. To ensure complete bed bug extermination in Nashville, contact a professional company like Ameri Care. Since bed bugs live between six and 12 months and can survive weeks and months without a meal, repetitive treatment may be necessary. Ameri Care’s technicians understand where bed bugs hide and their habits making them fully qualified in detecting and treating an infestation.

How can I keep bed bugs from entering my home?

Bed bugs are excellent travelers and love to hitch a ride to your home in your luggage or on your clothes. It would be helpful to check online hotel reviews to ensure no recent reports of bed bugs. Also, once you get to your home away from home, store your luggage on a luggage rack, and avoid placing it on the furniture or bed. Inspect the bedding for any signs of bed bugs before committing to your stay. Additionally, Murfreesboro bed bug experts advise you to wash all clothing, clean or dirty, immediately upon returning home from a summer trip or vacation to keep bed bugs from sleeping in your beds. Sometimes, pets transport bed bugs. Although there is no guaranteed treatment to keep bed bugs out of your home, exercising diligence in cleaning is an excellent start in prevention.

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Waking up in the morning with linear bug bites around your collar bone could be your first clue to a bed bug infestation in your Nashville home. Fortunately, the Nashville bed bug removal company at Ameri Care understand the urgency to remove bed bugs from your house. Our trained technicians can investigate and rid your home of bed bugs so you can sleep in peace once again. Call our office at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today!