Black Widow Spiders

Nashville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet TN

Black Widow Spider Appearance:

Color: Black with a red hourglass on the under belly.

Size: Females are larger at around 1 to 1.5 inches long, the males are only about half this size.

black widow spiders nashville

Black Widow Spider Bites:

Black widow spiders are considered dangerous, although, it is rare to experience any long term complications or die from being bitten by a black widow. You may not notice that you have been bitten by a black widow right away or you may experience a sharp pain. There are several factors that will determine how severe the bite is including where you were bitten on your body, how much venom the black widow injected into you, or your own sensitivity. The venom affects the nervous system by traveling up the blood stream. Symptoms of being bitten by a black widow are severe cramping, tremors, fever, and trouble breathing. If you think you have been bitten by a black widow or any spider then you should contact a trained medical professional immediately.

Causes and Solutions for Black Widow Spider Infestations

Black widow spiders like dark, enclosed, warm areas to construct their webs and nests. Black widow spiders are usually located outside a home or business near air conditioning units or crawl space doors. Black widow spiders can be difficult to get rid of on your own because they are so small and dangerous. It is not advised for you to try and handle black widow spiders since they are venomous and can cause severe reactions in certain individuals. Contact Ameri Care Services today for help dealing with your black widow spider problem. Ameri Care Services can treat your black widow spider problem. Contact one of our professional exterminators today to find out what we can do to treat your black widow spider problem in your home or business. Elimination of the living conditions that the black widow spiders love is one way to prevent them from returning. Make sure you keep your basement, crawl spaces, garages and attics clean, this will help to prevent black widow spiders. Also having your basement or crawl space waterproofed or encapsulated will ensure that your foundation is sealed to prevent black widow spiders from entering your home or business

Ameri Care Services is trained to get rid of black widow spiders. Our pest control technicians will provide you a thorough treatment plan specifically designed to ensure we eliminate your black widow spiders. Ameri Care Services is proud to serve residents of Nashville, Murfreesboro, Mt Juliet and Franklin, TN. Call us today to schedule your free evaluation.

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