Clover Mites

Nashville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet TN

Clover Mites Nashville

Clover Mite Appearance:

Color: Rust colored.

Size: About one-thirtieth of an inch long. They have eight legs and are oval shaped.

Dangers of Clover Mites:

Clover mites are not dangerous but they can be an annoyance pest by invading your home and getting into your furniture or linens.  The clover mite doesn’t bite or transmit diseases.

Causes and Solutions for Clover Mite Infestations

Clover mites are normally found outdoors and their primary food source is plants.  In middle Tennessee, they are mainly active in spring and summer and can be found in windowsills.  They can enter your home through leaks in your foundations or windows. Treating clover mites by yourself can be hard because of their size, large numbers and ability to hide.  The pesticides you buy in stores are dangerous to you and your family if not used properly. To help prevent clover mites you should keep grass and weeds cut around your home or business.  The clover mites also don’t like crossing mulch or stones so these make excellent deterrents to clover mites.  Ameri Care Services pest control treatments will help prevent clover mites and other pests from becoming a problem.

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