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Nearly 15 gallons of vapor enter a home or building through the floors or walls of the basement/crawlspace. Humidity is the main culprit in moving contaminated air throughout the home, because wet moves to dry. Soil gases, such as radon, can enter the home through cracks, gaps, and holes. Since crawlspaces and basements typically maintain stagnant air, vapors begin to buildup, allowing humidity to move contaminated air throughout the home. Toxins in the air equate to unhealthy air quality in the home.

How does air flow throughout a home?

Using the stack effect, humid air enters a crawlspace and begins seeping into the home, which is typically air-conditioned. As the cool air begins to cool down the warm air, warm air rises then escapes through the ventilation system in the attic. As warm air rises, it draws in contaminated air from the basement or crawlspace. This stack effect of airflow continues cycling contaminated air throughout the home.

What are the effects of poor air quality?

Poor air quality leads to allergens, mold, odors, pests, structural decay, dry rot/rust, foundation problems, and ultimately leading to poor air quality inside the home. These contaminants can lead to “sick home syndrome,” in which the occupants suffer acute health related symptoms that are not linked to any other type of illness, rather linked to poor air quality inside ones home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air within our homes is five times more polluted than the air outside! Sick home syndrome symptoms include, but are not limited to; headaches, eye, nose, or throat irritation, dry mouth, itchy skin, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, sensitivity to odors, allergies, hives, sinus infections, respiratory infections, tuberculosis, some forms of cancer, insomnia, and snoring. If you or another occupant within your home suffer from these symptoms, your household could benefit from cleaner air, ventilated by the EZ Breathe system.

How does EZ Breathe Ventilation System work?

EZ Breathe creates a negative air pressure within the home that pushes bad air out and pulls in healthier, drier air, ultimately reversing the stack effect airflow. The system operates by fan speed, which adjusts to appropriate speed at which to circulate the air through the home and by a humidistat, which monitors levels of humidity. EZ Breathe expels, replenishes, and ventilates air in your home. The process of expelling air removes damp, toxic air from the lowest level of your home and exhausts that air outside. Then, the replenish phase replaces the bad air with fresh, drier, healthier air from upper levels of your home. Last, it ventilates the home, creating air exchanges about 6-10 times a day.

How do I know if EZ Breathe is right for my home?

EZ Breathe system is ideal for homes built with a basement, on a slab, crawlspace, or homes with moisture issues or other contaminant source issues. It’s ideal in homes in which occupants suffer allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. EZ Breathe is ideal in homes with increased efficiency, which can reduce proper airflow within the home. Also, EZ Breath is ideal if you are concerned about the health of your home environment. Some other important points to consider if you are thinking about an EZ Breath Ventilation System In order for the EZ Breathe system to provide maximized results, the home must be equipped with an air conditioner in working condition. Without air-conditioned air, the EZ Breathe alone will not be as effective and will not be able to achieve the desired humidity levels within your home. However, if air conditioner is not present in the home or is not in working condition, the homeowner can use a dehumidifier along with the EZ Breathe system, as an alternative. If any occupants suffer from allergies, asthma, or COPD, the EZ Breath system will help remove contaminated, stagnant air, replacing it with fresh air, which is ideal for people who suffer from these types of ailments. Also, if your home has an attached garage, there is risk of air toxins that could leak into your home such as, carbon monoxide, benzene, and VOC’s. The EZ Breathe helps eliminate these deadly toxins in the air. If you have any concerns of radon in your home, the EZ Breathe system will help eliminate this toxin from the air. If you have any other sources of air contaminants in your home such as pet kennels, litter boxes, craft rooms that emit toxic odors from craft supplies, cigarette/cigar smoke within the home, or an indoor pool, sauna, or hot tub, EZ Breathe can help. All these can be sources of unhealthy air within your home.

What are the benefits of the EZ Breathe system?

Benefits include an overall air exchange, elimination of pollutants/allergens, cost effective to operate, improved air quality, lower humidity levels within home, no maintenance system, quiet operation, flexible install options, eliminates odors, exhausts airborne particles, and operates efficiently for up to a 7,000 square foot home.

How is EZ Breathe Ventilation System better than other options for my home?

Although other options exist to reduce humidity in the crawlspace/basement and improve the quality of air within your home, they aren’t as effective as the EZ Breathe. Systems such as cross ventilation, closed crawl dehumidifier, and conditioned air from supply duck work, although inexpensive, tend to require maintenance, are not as energy efficient in operating costs, and aren’t as effective at removing moisture or contaminants from the air. On the other hand, the EZ Breathe system requires no maintenance, removes all contamination from the air within your home, helps condition the space, only costs about $2-$4 a month in operating costs, removes moisture, and is controlled by the conditions within your crawlspace. Call us today and one of our qualified technicians can evaluate your home and show you just how much better the EZ Breathe system will before you and your family. In the meantime, check out a video featuring the EZ Breathe system http://www.ezbreathe.com.

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