Fire Ants

Nashville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet TN

Fire Ant Control In Nashville

Fire Ants Appearance:

Color: Rust colored or black and have a copper colored head.

Size: They can be up to 0.25 inches long.

Fire Ant Bites:

Fire ants are very aggressive ants that will sting anyone that disturbs their nests. Fire ants can sting and do inject venom via a stinger found on their abdomen.  The pain felt by humans is similar to being burned and a welt will appear after being stung by fire ants and some people can have an allergic reaction that could lead to death.  Fire ants have the ability to kill pets or small animals.  They can destroy crops or other plants.  Fire ants can ruin electrical equipment by chewing through the wiring and can also damage insulation and your homes wiring if they make it indoors.

Causes and Solutions for Fire Ant Infestations

Fire ants like most areas such as your yard to build their nests.  Fire ants can be brought onto your property by way of plants or even on your car.  The queen fire ants once mated will fly away to start a new colony in a different area; once a fire ant colony gets very large they will split off with another queen to start a new colony.  Fire ants will also move to a new location if their existing colony is disturbed. There is no way to prevent fire ants from getting on your property.  Making sure your windows, basements and crawl spaces are sealed can help prevent fire ants from entering your property. The most effective way to prevent them is with preemptive treatments by our professional pest control specialists.  It is extremely difficult to get rid of fire ants without the help of a professional exterminator.  You will most likely not eliminate fire ants completely if you live in an area where they have spread, continuous control is the best way to reduce or control them on your property.  You should contact Ameri Care Services at the first sight of fire ants.

Ameri Care Services is trained to get rid of fire ants. Our pest control technicians will provide you a thorough treatment plan specifically designed to ensure we eliminate your fire ants. Ameri Care Services is proud to serve residents of Nashville, Murfreesboro, Mt Juliet and Franklin, TN. Call us today to schedule your free evaluation.