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Question from a Knoxville resident about mold in the crawl space.

Our home is for sale; the buyer paid for a Home Inspection, and his report said we had MOLD, or a mold like substance in the crawl space. What are they talking about, and what should we have done?

Answer from Ameri Care Services

Your not alone, we get calls everyday with the same question. Many homes built in the southeast suffer from poor moisture management. The mold is most likely aspergillus or penicillium, both very common in the crawl space. Crawl Space Mold can cause allergies and affect your family’s health. These conditions exist because of excess moisture. This could be from a plumbing leak, poorly installed vapor barrier, water in the crawl space, or warm humid air entering the crawl space resulting in condensation.

Alone, or in combination these conditions will lead to mold growth. We recommend having a proper vapor barrier with a 100% ground coverage, removal of any standing water, repair plumbing leaks, and have the wood treated for the existing mold. For more information contact our crawl space mold and moisture experts today.

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