How to Prepare your Crawl Space for January’s Freezing Temperatures

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Holidays, sleigh rides, and fireside snuggles are just some of the wintertime joys. Snow may be a welcome sight in the winter, but it may cause serious problems for homes without proper preparations to protect the crawl space area. When your crawl space becomes damp during the winter, it may cause the rest of your house to be colder and increase your utility costs. Therefore, our Nashville crawl space encapsulation experts at Ameri Care Services share on the blog today how to prepare your crawlspace for January’s freezing temperatures so that you can protect your home and stay warm and cozy all winter long.

Crawl space Defined

A crawl space is a little entrance beneath the house that typically stands between one and three feet tall and is exposed to the outside air through vents. Our crawlspace encapsulation experts in Murfreesboro explain that there are two reasons why homes have a subterranean space: cost-effectiveness and practicality. Houses without basements or slab foundations often feature crawlspaces because they are more cost-effective, they offer a location for HVAC and plumbing installation, and they distribute sewage lines throughout the home. Repairs to your house are much less of a hassle when you have a crawl space.

Crawl spaces provide a lot of advantages, but they may also cause problems if they aren’t maintained correctly. As you can imagine, crawlspaces are notoriously damp and humid because of constant exposure to the elements. Water can quickly infiltrate this area during the rainy winter months. Excessive humidity may cause significant problems in a crawl space if it isn’t adequately aired or sealed.

The following issues are caused by excessive wetness in crawl spaces:

  • Low Air Quality
  • Mildew and Mold
  • Insect Infestations
  • Lowered Insulation
  • Heating and Cooling Expenses Increase
  • Rotten Wood and Weakened Structures

Crawl Space Winterization Steps

Winterizing your home’s crawlspace can protect its value by preventing insulation damage, pest infestations, and poor air quality. Fortunately, our Nashville area crawl space encapsulation pros share below some actionable steps you can take to reduce winter’s impact on your home and your wallet.

Install a Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers in crawlspaces stop ground moisture from evaporating and getting into the space. Its purpose is to limit airflow. When there is less airflow, there is also less moisture that gets into the crawlspace. Additionally, during the winter months, this barrier assists in maintaining the warmth of living areas as well as floors. Crawl space vapor barriers have the added benefit of lowering the risk of dangerous gases like radon entering the home, which is an additional advantage.

Seal Vents

Sealing the vents is another way to prepare your crawlspace for winter. Crawlspace encapsulation is an additional name for this procedure. Expert inspectors will use a foam spray to seal vents and a foam board to reinforce the crawlspace’s entryway. Thermal sheets are also used to line the walls and floors to prevent outside air from entering.

Use a Dehumidifier

You may also set up a dehumidifier for an additional layer of moisture defense. Our Murfreesboro crawlspace encapsulation pros explain that a dehumidifier maintains a relative humidity level between 50 and 60 percent. Crawlspace dehumidifiers are great since they help save money on utility bills while doing their job.

Check Waterproofing and Sump Pumps

Before the first snowfall of the season, you must fix any leaks or cracks in the waterproofing. It’s also important to check the functionality of your sump pump. Every year, you should inspect your sump pump and waterproofing to make sure they are still functioning properly.

Repair Gutters and Downspouts

The absence of rain gutters or their faulty installation is another factor contributing to dampness in crawlspaces during the winter. It’s critical to ensure that unwanted water does not enter the crawlspace when snow accumulates and melts. Contact an expert to examine and evaluate your rain gutters.

Crawl space Encapsulation in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

It’s easy to see why you should take the time to winterize your crawlspace. In the winter, your home will be warmer, your energy expenses will be lower, and your family’s health will improve. Therefore, don’t wait to call our crawl space encapsulation pros in Nashville if you have any doubts about the state of your crawlspace. Call Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule a crawl space evaluation today.