Managing Humidity Levels in your Home

humidity in home

humidity in home

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With the rise in temperatures outside comes a rise in humidity levels indoors. Humidity in a home can oftentimes be identified by a damp, musty odor that lingers in the air. High humidity can compromise the comfort and health of people and pets in your home, and it can affect air quality and the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Too much humidity in a home can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which is unhealthy for anyone living inside the home and especially those who suffer from allergies and/or asthma.

If you’re having trouble managing humidity levels in your home, our moisture control professionals in Murfreesboro are sharing the following tips to keep the air in your home comfortable and healthy.

Improve ventilation

We all know how humid summers can get in Tennessee. During the hot summer months, be sure all your home’s doors and windows are tightly closed to keep the humidity from seeping in. Make sure the vents from all exhausts — bathroom, kitchen, dryer and stove hood, for instance — are in proper working order. These exhausts keep moisture from building in your home from showering, cooking and drying clothes. If they’re not properly pushing the inside air outdoors, the moisture in the air will stay inside the home. If moisture remains in the home, this can cause mold and mildew growth in areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, ceilings and closets.

Use the A/C

When it’s warm outside and humidity levels are on the rise, your HVAC can help regulate humidity — or the amount of water vapor in the air — inside your home. The higher the level of humidity, the more heat that water vapor holds. Your air-conditioning unit works by removing heat from the air inside your home, making water vapor less capable of holding heat. This means your air is cooled while moisture is reduced inside the home.

Use a dehumidifier

Portable or whole-house dehumidifiers can help remove moisture from the air inside your home, either in a specific space (portable unit) or the entire home, which can be controlled with a whole-house dehumidifier or a unit that works with your HVAC system.

Reduce causes of moisture

Stubborn moisture in the home could indicate a bigger problem like a leaking roof or water pooling around the foundation of your home. In these cases, the only solution is to find the source of the issue and correct it.

Home moisture control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Homes that retain moisture indoors can be a breeding ground for pests and allergens that are harmful to you, your family and your pets. Let our moisture control specialists with Ameri Care Services evaluate your home for ways to control humidity levels. If you’re in need of waterproofing, our technicians have the education and expertise to handle that job for you, too. Give us a call at (615) 823-8224, or visit us online to schedule your free consultation today.