What’s the Best Way to Control Humidity in your Home?

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Tennessee summers are notorious for high humidity levels. Unfortunately, high humidity can cause extensive damage to your home, and controlling indoor humidity is often misunderstood or overlooked. Furthermore, humid air can cause respiratory problems for compromised immune systems. Therefore, our Nashville crawlspace waterproofing pros at Ameri Care Services share on the blog today the best way to control humidity in your home so that you can protect your investment and your family’s health.

Why is my home humid?

The air conditions inside your basement or crawlspace directly impact the air inside your home. For example, water in the soil in your home’s crawlspace can evaporate and create humidity that seeps into your home. On the other hand, humid air from the attic can infiltrate the home’s interior as well. Therefore, your living space is essentially sandwiched between two humid areas. Additional humid-generating problems are hot showers, oversized or improperly maintained HVAC systems, overwatering houseplants, plumbing leaks, and open garages.

How does the humidity level affect me and my home?

Controlling the humidity in your home is vital as it can affect your health and your home’s structure. For example, excessive moisture on building materials can cause bacterial growth, virus production, wood decay fungus, radon production, mold, and mildew. Unfortunately, high humidity levels can cause significant damage to structural elements and result in extensive and expensive repairs that your insurance may or may not cover.

Why does high humidity cause problems for people with asthma?

High humidity can quickly lead to breathing difficulty or asthma attacks. According to healthline.com, “Breathing in humid air activates nerves in your lungs that narrow and tighten your airways. Humidity also makes the air stagnant enough to trap pollutants and allergens like pollen, dust, mold, dust mites, and smoke. These can set off your asthma symptoms.” Additionally, dust mites increase production in high humidity areas and are the number one cause of children’s asthma cases. Therefore, reducing the relative humidity in your home is a practical way to help control dust mites.

What is the best humidity level for a home?

Both high and low humidity levels can be dangerous for you and your home. Aim for humidity levels between 45 and 55%. Humidity levels below 40% increase radon production, asthma attacks, virus growth, and respiratory infections.

How do you control humidity in my home’s crawlspace?

Stopping humidity in its tracks is easier said than done but possible with the proper waterproofing technique and equipment. Professionally installed vapor barriers can reduce moisture levels in crawlspaces. However, certain conditions may require a dehumidifier for additional protection. A dehumidifier runs independently from the HVAC system and helps maintain favorable humidity levels within the crawlspace. Dehumidifiers that are appropriate for crawlspaces are not the same as the kind you may use on your bedside table during the winter. These units are designed to remain in your crawlspace and operate independently on a consistent basis.

Humidity Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Humid air in your home can lead to several problems for your home and family. High humidity levels can endanger your home’s structure, resulting in expensive repairs and family illnesses. Therefore, when you notice moisture in your crawlspace, contact our Murfreesboro moisture control specialists at Ameri Care Services by dialing (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.