American Cockroaches

american cockroach nashville

american cockroach nashvilleNashville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet TN

American Cockroach Appearance:

Color: Reddish Brown.

Size: Average almost 2 inches in length.

Dangers of the American Cockroach:

While the cockroach pictured here can’t physically hurt you by biting or stinging, they do carry many diseases.  They can cause asthma in children. Cockroaches can also destroy personal property such as books, paper and clothing. Cockroaches are also known for spoiling food.

Causes and Solutions for American Cockroach Infestations

As previously stated cockroaches are attracted to moist areas and if you have a damp basement or crawl space this could be an ideal area for a cockroach infestation.  American Cockroaches will enter the home from time to time but tend to leave.  Cracks in your foundation and old vents can provide easy access to your damp crawl space or basement. Preventing roaches from entering your home is a hard job. Keeping your home clean will help to prevent cockroaches in the future and keeping your food in sealed containers and not allowing dirty dishes to sit in the sink can help to prevent cockroach infestations.

Most of the roach control methods sold in stores and online just don’t work. Keeping your home or business clean can be extremely helpful in getting rid of roaches, but this isn’t always effective.  Ameri Care Services can help to locate the nesting areas of the cockroaches and make sure that the treatment to get rid of the cockroaches is administered correctly.

With more than 30 years of experience, our team of customer oriented technicians at Ameri Care Services are trained to spot and solve your cockroach problem.  Our pest control technicians will provide you a thorough treatment plan to ensure you get rid of your roaches.

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