4 Tips to keep Pests out of your Pantry

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It’s time for a snack so you head for your pantry. Whether your taste leans toward salty or sweet, the last thing anyone wants to find is a bug or rodent stashed among their food supply. In the temperate climate of Middle Tennessee, insects like to invade homes and seek out dark spots like closed pantries, where they can lay their eggs among your food products. Learn more about these pantry pests, and how to prevent them, today on the blog.

What classifies as a pantry pest?

A pantry pest can be any insect that prefers to lay its eggs inside boxes of stored food. Beetles, weevils and moths all fall in this category. However, your stored food also may attract flies, rats, mice and cockroaches. These latter pests, however, only want to steal your food and take it back to their nest or home.

What are the warning signs of a pantry infestation?

The first thing you will want to do is check your boxes of food for eggs, larvae or live insects. Just because a box is closed does not mean it is safe. Make sure you open and check each container, even if it is sealed. Mature pantry pests will not just remain in your pantry; they will venture out, so look for beetles, moths or weevils flying or crawling around your home.

4 Tips to keep pests out of your pantry

  1. Avoid unsealed or damaged boxes of food: Stores often offer food items with compromised packaging at a discount, but it’s not worth the financial savings if you’re bringing pantry pests into your home. Pests are more likely to sneak into a box of food that is partially open or has cracks or tears in the packaging.
  2. Check your doors and windows: Pantry pests, whether they’re looking to leave their eggs or just use your stored food as their food source, can fly or crawl into cracks, crevices and other small openings in windows and doors. Of course, having an open window or door is like an open invitation to the insects and creatures in your neighborhood.
  3. Seal holes, cracks and gaps in your foundation: Even the tiniest crack in your home’s foundation can be the equivalent of rolling out the welcome mat to pests. Take your trustworthy caulking gun and seal any trouble spots in your exterior foundation.
  4. Damage repair: Do you have any other serious damage in the exterior of your home? Any of these trouble points can cause a problem and be an entryway to pests.

Pest Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro in Tennessee

Don’t let pests set up a breeding ground in your pantry or use your stored food as an all-you-can-eat buffet. The pest professionals at Ameri Care Services possess the training and experience to detect signs of an infestation that may go unnoticed otherwise. If a member of our team detects a problem, we can provide treatment. Or, to deter pests from entering your pantry or your home altogether, a preventive treatment provides a protective barrier around your property. To schedule a free consultation with one of our technicians, call (615) 893-7111 or contact us online.