5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Pest Control Company in Nashville

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You want to protect your home and business from all threats, including pests. That means finding the right pest control company to suit your needs. However, selecting the right pest control company can be a daunting task, given the multitude of options available. Below are five vital things to consider when you are choosing your pest control company in the Nashville and Murfreesboro areas.


The longevity and expertise of a pest control company are paramount. Opt for a company with a substantial track record of professional pest control services. An experienced company understands the nuances of different pest infestations and employs effective strategies to eliminate them. Avoid fly-by-night operators, as inadequate treatment can lead to prolonged pest issues and increased costs for rectification. Just like DIY attempts, if the initial treatment is ineffective, rectifying the problem becomes more complex and expensive. Ameri Care Services has more than three decades of experience serving Nashville, Murfreesboro and the surrounding communities in Tennessee.


A top-notch pest control company should offer a range of services beyond just pest removal. In addition to managing common pests like bed bugs, roaches, ants, mice, termites and mosquitoes, they should be adept at using disinfectants. Disinfectant use falls under the same regulatory framework as pest control products, reflecting a well-rounded approach to ensuring a safe and healthy living environment. Additionally, inquire if the company can provide a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR), which holds importance when buying or selling a property.

Local Presence

Choosing a local pest control company offers distinct advantages. Proximity ensures swift response times during pest emergencies and allows technicians to be familiar with the area’s native pests. Local employees understand the area they serve because they are also part of that community, making them better equipped to tailor solutions to your needs. A local company’s commitment to your community further underscores their dedication to providing effective pest control solutions.

The right size

Larger companies may lack personalization and leave customers feeling like mere numbers. On the other hand, very small companies might not possess the resources to offer robust customer support. Ideally, look for a pest control company near you that offers the best of both worlds – a family-like atmosphere, combined with technological advancements and top-notch service.


When it comes to pest control, you get what you pay for. While it’s tempting to opt for the cheapest quote, remember that quality often correlates with price. Extremely low-cost options might cut corners by skimping on necessary licenses and certifications, jeopardizing the effectiveness of treatments. Conversely, exorbitantly high prices don’t necessarily guarantee superior service. Ameri Care Services operates from a 12,000 square foot facility, meaning we buy many of our materials wholesale and keep them on inventory. That’s allowed us to cut prices for our customers, beating our competition by anywhere from 10-50%.

Pest control professionals in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Choosing the right pest control company is an investment in your family’s comfort and health. With Ameri Care Services, you’re not just choosing a service provider; you’re choosing a dedicated partner in preventing pest infestations. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about Ameri Care. give us a call at (615) 893-7111 or visit us online.