Are Stink Bugs Dangerous?

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Stink bugs can be scary if you don’t know anything about them but their slightly threatening name. The invasive brown bugs look and sound a lot scarier than they actually are, though. Keep reading as the Murfreesboro pest control experts at Ameri Care Services explore the topic of whether stink bugs are dangerous.

What are stink bugs?

Stink bugs are an invasive insect species from Asia. They were accidentally introduced to the United States in the 1990’s, and since they have no natural predators in the U.S., their population has been able to grow at a rapid pace. They are now a significant agricultural pest, as well as a general annoyance. They earn their name from their worst attribute–the foul odor they emit when they feel threatened or are crushed.

Why are they inside my house?

They usually decide to migrate into your home when the temperatures begin to decline in the late summer and early fall.  Stink bugs start searching for a warmer place to spend their winter. This search results in them ending up inside homes and other buildings that provide shelter for them. Stink bugs reappear in the early spring and are often seen in large groups on the sides of buildings during the warmer months.

Are they dangerous?

Stink bugs are not inherently dangerous insects–they aren’t known to bite humans or damage property. The worst part about stink bugs is the distinctly foul smell they release when they feel threatened or crushed. This is why you want to be extra careful if you have to remove them from your home so they do not employ their defense mechanism. They can become quite a bother if they invade your home in large numbers, and can be a threat to the agricultural industry by destroying crops.

How do I prevent an infestation?

Stink bugs can be quite annoying if they invade your home. To prevent them from coming inside, check your windows and doors, siding, outlets and utility pipes plus any other openings on your home to the outdoors. Replacing damaged screens on doors and windows can also help keep out stink bugs Switching your outdoor lightbulbs to yellow bulbs can also help. White light is a lot more attractive to pests than yellow.

Stink bug control in Nashville and Murfreesboro in Tennessee

The last step is to contact a licensed pest control professional to ensure your home will be stink bug free. With over 30 years experience, our team at Ameri Care are experts in pest prevention and control–this allows us to assess and treat your home to prevent infestations and limit the amount of stinky bugs that are able to enter.

In the meantime, if you’re overwhelmed with your stink bug problem, the experts at Ameri Care are here to serve you in the Nashville and Murfreesboro areas. We also can apply treatments to provide a barrier around your home and business that deter stink bugs and a wide variety of other pests as part of our regular treatments for our residential and commercial customers who are signed up for pest control maintenance. Give us a call at (615) 893-7111 or visit us online to request service today.