Expert Advice on Preventing Pests this Year

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Discovering a pest scampering across your floor can certainly cause uneasy feelings. You might benefit from year-round pest control services in Murfreesboro. Although you may have concerns about the increased expenses, pest control can reduce future home repairs and costs while giving you peace of mind. Our Nashville pest control experts at Ameri Care Services share their advice on preventing pests this year in your home.

Clean Your Kitchen

Most pests entering your home are searching for shelter, food, and water. Therefore, our Murfreesboro pest control company explains that it’s crucial to maintain a clean house and reduce your risk of inviting unwanted pests. So, wipe up spills or crumbs on the dining room table, stovetop, and countertops after each meal to remove inviting food remnants that attract undesired pests. Additionally, storing pantry items in airtight plastic containers can provide an additional barrier against invaders. Finally, use lidded garbage cans indoors and regularly dispose of your garbage into tightly sealed outdoor containers for pickup or designated areas within your community.

Seal Gaps

Common household pests such as cockroaches and mice can sneak into your home easily through small cracks, gaps, or openings. Therefore, our pest control pros in Nashville advise homeowners to carefully inspect their home’s exterior walls in search of cracks, crevices, or spaces that may allow pests to enter. Furthermore, look closely where pipes and utilities enter your house, as there may be a gap around the entry point. Then, seal the areas with an all-weather caulk to prevent pests from entering your home. If your home has crawl space vents, consider investing in vent covers to prevent pests from entering through these air vents.

Eliminate Moisture

Pests require water for survival. So, conduct a home inspection searching for water leaks from dripping faucets or loose fixtures and repair them yourself or hire a maintenance specialist. Check your crawl space as well, looking for any signs of moisture from leaking plumbing or drainage entering the space. Our Murfreesboro pest control pros explain that even a small amount of standing water can invite pests into your home, like termites or mosquitoes. Therefore, consider a crawlspace waterproofing service to help control and reduce your home’s moisture levels.

Prevent Outdoor Pests

Taking the necessary steps to prevent outdoor pests around the perimeter of your home’s foundation can help reduce the probability of them entering your home. For example, Nashville pest control technicians agree that removing dead or decaying bushes, branches, and leaves can reduce your property’s risk of a pest infestation. Additionally, ensure tree or shrub limbs do not touch or hang over your home in any manner.

Move Your Firewood

Firewood is a buffet for termites and a comfortable home for cockroaches. Unfortunately, when you bring the wood indoors, they can easily hitch a ride and find life-sustaining elements in the comfort of your home. Therefore, our Murfreesboro pest control techs explain that homeowners should keep firewood stored at least 20 feet away from their home’s foundation and elevate it from the ground if possible. Avoid stacking firewood on your porch or against the side of your home. Before bringing the firewood indoors, brush it off and carefully inspect it for pest presence.

Pest Control Services in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Life can be uncomfortable and frustrating when you have pests roaming through your home, and your home is an investment you want to protect. So use this year to resolve your pest problems for good by hiring a qualified pest control company in Nashville to treat your home for pests year-round. Year-round treatments are the most effective way to prevent bugs and pests from entering your home. Feel free to call Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule a pest control appointment today!