Is Winter Pest Control in Nashville a Big Deal?

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Cold weather means more time spent indoors, not just for people, but bugs and pests too. A common misconception is that bugs die off during the winter. But that simply is not true. Many insects hibernate during the cold months by burrowing under logs, rocks, leaf litter, and inside of tree holes. And some insects find their way indoors in search of warmth, water, and food. Additionally, pests like mice and rats prefer indoors during the winter as well, and your home may be their favorite spot. Therefore, today on the blog, our Murfreesboro pest control company, Ameri Care, discusses whether winter pest control in Nashville is a big deal.

Winter pests in Nashville

Common winter pests in Nashville include spiders, ants, box elder bugs, Asian beetles, silver fish, and roaches, which prefer living indoors during the winter. You may spot these insects in your kitchen, pantry, or bathroom, although they may scurry about anywhere in your home where they can find shelter and a steady food source. Another common household pest to find inside during the winter are mice or rats, which are evident with tiny black droppings along baseboards, inside of cabinets, or underneath furniture. Unfortunately, while some of these pests are not harmful to humans, some may bite and cause an allergic reaction, or spread diseases through their feces.

How to reduce winter pests inside your Nashville home

Homeowners can reduce pests inside their home during the winter or other times of year by putting a few measures in place that cost little but require consistency and effort. Start by removing potential food sources. Clean inside your home, remove clutter, vacuum, clean, and take out the kitchen trash regularly. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink or the counter and sweep and mop the kitchen floor regularly. Store food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator. Also, if you have pets, only put out enough food for your pet to consume in one sitting.

Next, reduce potential pest entry points from around your home. Check the trim around your windows and doors and replace damaged or torn trim and window screens. Also, inspect your crawlspace, crawlspace vents, and any other entry points where plumbing, gas lines, or cabling enters your home. Ensure these entry points do not have gaps or cracks that could allow pests entry to your home. Clean the gutters, remove any yard waste like leaf piles or other debris, and repair any damaged or rotten wood around your home. Lastly, be sure to trim any bushes or shrubs so that their branches do not lean against or touch your house or roof.

Year-round pest control in Murfreesboro, Hermitage, and Nashville, Tennessee

Keeping the inside and outside of your home clean and in good condition helps reduce pests. But sometimes you need a little more help, which is where professional pest control comes in handy. Ameri Care Services offers year-round pest control services to reduce spiders, ants, roaches, mice, and other common household pests. If you would like to learn more about year-round pest control in Murfreesboro or find out how much winter pest control in Nashville costs, contact Ameri Care Services by calling (615) 893-7111.