5 Simple Ways to keep Stinging Insects Away from your Murfreesboro Home

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Spring is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors. It’s warm, but not too hot. When the wind blows or you’re in the shade, it’s cool enough to keep you feeling comfortable. But while being outdoors this time of year can be enjoyable, stinging insects can quickly ruin your outdoor relaxation or fun. Stinging insects like wasps become more active and easily aggravated as the weather warms. However, there are a few ways you can avoid stinging insects this summer. So today on the blog, Ameri Care Services share five simple ways to keep stinging insects away from your Murfreesboro home.

What attracts stinging insects?

Wasps, specifically, search for food like nectar or protein, as well as shelter to build nests. Things like fruit, bright colors, sweet scents, and flowers attract wasps, while safe and protected areas make the perfect spots to build a nest. Wasps also are attracted to protein sources like your BBQ or picnic food.

What’s the best way to reduce the risk of getting stung by stinging insects?

Wasp stings can be quite painful or even dangerous for individuals that are allergic to wasp stings. Therefore, it’s essential to stay away from stinging insects and reduce their occurrence around your property.

Here are five ways to reduce the risk of attracting wasps to your next backyard BBQ.

  1. Remove food and drinks at the conclusion of your meal.
  2. Keep trash cans covered with a lid.
  3. Seal cracks or crevices outside your home. Be sure to also check your window and door seals and repair or replace them if necessary.
  4. Repair or replace broken or damaged window screens.
  5. Call Ameri Care Services if you spot stinging insect nests near your home. Do not attempt to get rid of the nest yourself.

Easy ways to avoid getting stung by stinging insects

Now that you know how to keep wasps away from your backyard, take a moment to review our tips on how to avoid getting stung by wasps. Wasps are attracted to sweet scents that mimic flowers. Unfortunately, you may be subject to a wasp sting if you swat at the stinging insect as it comes close to you.

But here are a few tips to prevent getting stung.

  1. Avoid wearing sweet scents or perfumes that attract wasps. (This counts for hair care products too).
  2. Wear protective clothing while doing your lawn care.
  3. Stay calm and do not swat at wasps.
  4. Use a fly swatter to kill a wasp if necessary.
  5. Call Ameri Care to remove wasp nests from your property.

Get rid of wasps in Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Hermitage, Tennessee

Our tips can help you avoid getting stung by a wasp. But you can also take extra measures by examining the outside of your home like the eaves, porch ceiling, light fixtures, and garage for common areas where wasps build nests. If you need nests removed, contact Ameri Care by calling (615) 893-7111 to take care of your wasp exterminating needs.