Tips on Preventing Nashville’s Top Pests this Season

prevent pest this summer

prevent pest this summerNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Summer is a beautiful time of year for outdoor activities! Unfortunately, unwanted pests can quickly ruin your outdoor fun. Fortunately, you can prevent pests from invading your home with pest control services from a licensed pest control company in Nashville, Ameri Care Services. Today on the blog, we share tips on preventing Nashville’s top pests this season, so you can truly relax and have fun this summer instead of worrying about unwanted pests.


Ants are the best at ruining a patio picnic and invading your kitchen! These sneaky, tiny pests are constantly scouting for food crumbs, whether inside or out. Therefore, Nashville pest control companies advise homeowners to maintain a clean kitchen by sweeping, mopping, and regularly disposing of their trash. Keep your patio swept clean, clean spills immediately, and avoid leaving leftover food garbage lying around after mealtimes. In addition, since ants can enter your home through tiny foundation cracks, our technicians recommend sealing fractures and crevices on both your home’s interior and exterior to prevent pest entry. If your home is ant-infested, ant extermination in Nashville is the best remedy so that you can reclaim your home.


Mosquitos are usually the uninvited guest to a gathering! However, these warm, humid weather flyers are easier to prevent than most people realize. Our experienced mosquito prevention experts in Nashville explain that mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water throughout your property. Therefore, walk your property and remove standing water from birdbaths, pet bowls, toys, and tarps to help prevent repopulation. Additionally, your home’s gutters can clog with debris causing a standing water opportunity primed for mosquito breeding. However, when your efforts stop affecting the mosquito population in your yard, feel free to contact a mosquito exterminating company near you in Nashville for advice on your next steps.


The adage is true that “roaches check-in, but they don’t check out.” Roaches are nocturnal and scour for food and water at night, making them challenging to uncover during the day. Unfortunately, these pests consume almost anything, which is why removing them once they’ve entered your home is difficult. Nashville’s pest control experts warn property owners that roaches also can spread bacteria or cause severe allergic reactions in humans. The best roach prevention method eliminates all available food sources, including on floors, countertops, cooking appliances, and trash receptacle areas. Also, regularly check newspapers or delivered packages for roach signs to prevent them from sneaking into your home.

Pest Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Summer pests can become a hassle when you’re trying to relax and enjoy time spent with friends and family. Although some over-the-counter remedies may promise excellent results, they rarely deliver on that promise. Therefore, whether you notice an ant, roach, mosquito, or something that requires professional pest identification, our pest control pros in Nashville can help you eradicate the problem. Feel free to call Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111 for a free estimate or contact us online to schedule an appointment now!