Your Guide to Flea Prevention in Nashville

Flea prevention

Flea preventionNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Chances are you don’t worry, much less think about fleas until you find yourself dealing with an infestation of them. These tiny, wingless insects survive by biting humans and animals and feeding on their blood. Flea bites can cause irritation and discomfort, as well as possible disease or provoking an allergic reaction. Your best defense against fleas is to take steps now to deter them from your home. That’s why the Nashville pest control experts at Ameri Care Services compiled this flea prevention guide.

Follow these six flea prevention tips

  1. Use flea prevention for your pets: Your pets can be inadvertent carries of fleas, especially if they frequently go outside. Watch your pets for behaviors like excessive scratching and biting; these can be signs that they are dealing with fleas. Obtain flea and tick prevention for your pets. This could come in the form of a flea collar, or a medication they take on a regular basis. Many flea prevention medications are administered as chews that your dog can enjoy as a treat.
  2. Vacuum consistently. By the time you see a single live flea in your home, you’re likely dealing with an entire colony, especially if you do not have any pets. A flea colony, known as a scratch, contains up to thousands of fleas, potentially in the form of eggs, larvae or cocoons. Vacuuming is your best defense against any unseen fleas.
  3. Build or install a fence. A fence might be too big to physically repel those tiny fleas, but it will serve as a barrier to other animals including wildlife that may be carriers.
  4. Seal exterior gaps and holes. You’ve probably seen this tip listed on our other pest prevention guides, but it bears repeating. Fleas are small enough to enter even the tiniest of cracks, spaces or openings.
  5. Keep your yard in order. The taller the grass, the more of an attraction it becomes to an assortment of pests, fleas included. You also want to make sure to pull weeds before they get out of hand, and generally keep your outdoor landscape clutter-free.
  6. Police any leftover food. Even very small fragments of exposed food outside carry a scent that can attract a host of different animals, and these interested creatures may be carrying fleas when they come to investigate. Make sure any leftover food, and food wrappers, are picked up.

Pest Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro in Tennessee

Fleas can be a challenge to deal with due to their tine size and troublesome persistence. If you’re dealing with a flea infestation, we highly recommend you contact a pest control professional like the team at Ameri Care Services. As always, prevention is your best defense against pests. We offer treatments that can be placed around the perimeter of your home or business or even your property line. These treatments serve as a protective barrier to deter pests of all sorts from infiltrating. While no pest control measure is 100% effective at all times, these treatments are your best defense. To schedule a free consultation with one of our technicians, call (615) 893-7111 or contact us online.