Nashville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet TN

Orchesella cincta

Springtail Appearance:

Color: Purple grey.

Size: About the size of the head of a pin

Dangers of Springtails:

Springtails are a nuisance pest they do not cause damage to humans or property.  They could cause some small damage to fragile plants.

Causes and Solutions for Springtail Infestations

Springtails like to live in damp soil.  In the hot and dry months in Tennessee the springtails will move inside to escape the dry conditions.  Springtails tend to be found inside areas with excess moisture such as basements, crawl spaces and bathrooms.  You can also introduce springtails into your property in plants you purchase and bring into your home. Getting rid of springtails can prove to be a difficult task since they are normally found outdoors.  Reducing moisture levels in your home can help lower the chances springtail enter your home since they like moisture.  Making sure you have your basement and crawl space sealed can help also.

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