5 Facts to know about a Termite Protection Plan

Termite protection plan

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As a homeowner, you may have no qualms about spending money on fences, alarms, cameras, and other security measures to protect your property and home. But there are tiny termites who can surpass those security measures and enter your home through a 1/16 of an inch space. Once inside, they find shelter, warmth, and a significant food source, your home’s structure. Therefore, our termite experts in Murfreesboro share on the blog today five facts to know about a termite protection plan so that you can relax knowing how termite treatments can help protect your investment.

How do a termite warranty and a letter differ?

Termite prevention options can be confusing. Termite warranties or protection plans are only valid if issued by a licensed and insured pest control company. The plans include a maintenance contract with regular inspections and preventive measures. Transferable warranties are a plus when selling a home, and some buyers may require one when buying a home. However, our Nashville termite control experts say termite letters and warranties are different because termite letters only state that the house was inspected by a licensed pest control specialist and their findings declared. In addition, most termite letters used in refinancing and home sales are valid for 30 days and don’t cover termite damage.

Are termite warranties needed or required?

A termite warranty may seem unnecessary, but it’s a worthwhile investment to safeguard your home or business. For example, the cost of fixing minor termite damage is roughly $3,000. With Ameri Care Services, we offer a Control Warranty that covers re-treatment only and a Repair Warranty that covers up to $50,000 in termite-related damages with certain restrictions and conditions. In addition, our Murfreesboro area termite exterminators explain that the coverage is valid with an active termite infestation but doesn’t apply to old damage.

Why is your house susceptible to termites?

Termites never stop looking for a meal and can scout the distance of a football field daily to search for it. Our Nashville area termite control experts explain that most houses have wooden frames where termites can invade and hide for years without detection. Additionally, termites consume anything produced from cellulose, meaning they’ll destroy anything papery, cardboard-like, or Styrofoam-like. So, it’s crucial to seal essential papers or documents in a plastic storage bin instead of a cardboard box for the best protection from termites.

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover termite damage?

Most standard homeowner’s policies don’t cover termite damage. Even though most homes inevitably have termite problems, insurance companies know it. They also know that they will lose money if they cover the properties. Unlike an unintentional fire or flood, a termite infestation is controllable with proper treatments from Murfreesboro’s qualified termite extermination company. Therefore, most insurance companies won’t cover the damages and leave the responsibility to the homeowner.

How can I get a termite protection plan?

A termite treatment by our Nashville termite control pros is the first step in obtaining a protection plan against pests. Once a year, on the anniversary of when you signed the contract, we will come back to your property to check for termites. It’s not permitted to apply further termite treatments throughout the life of your plan unless termite activity is present. When you maintain the protection plan payments, we’ll treat the reinfested areas at no additional cost. Once the termite protection plan ends, the procedure must begin again, and annual renewal is typical for termite protection plans. An average-sized home costs about $650 to treat for termites, but the annual cost for our termite protection plan begins at $115. Our Nashville termite experts conduct a preliminary treatment when you agree to a protection plan and promise there will be no new termite infestations for an entire year.

Termite Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Each year, termites do incalculable amounts of damage to homes. Unfortunately, homeowner’s insurance coverage doesn’t cover termite damage, which might cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Even though termite control treatment costs are high, the return on that investment is complete safety against the pests. Then, you can claim peace of mind knowing that your home has protection against invasive and destructive pests. If you have termites and would like year-round protection, please call our experienced Murfreesboro termite experts at Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to request an appointment.