How to Prepare your Home for Termite Season

termite season

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When is termite season in Nashville? Now! Termite season usually begins around the beginning of spring and may last as the temperatures warm well into summer. While termites are active year-round, the chance of getting termites in your home increases during the swarming season. Most homeowners don’t seem to worry about termites, although wood-destroying insects are common in Nashville. Therefore, it’s best to protect your home instead of waiting until you have an infestation that could cost you thousands of dollars not covered by your insurance policy. So today on the blog, the best termite control company in Murfreesboro shares how to prepare your home for termites season.

What are termite swarms?

Termite swarms occur when termites leave their colony to mate and reproduce, starting their new colonies. A single termite colony can harbor up to one million termites! And just think of the damage one termite colony could do if it establishes itself on your property (or your neighbor’s). Termites are a significant threat to homeowners because they cause about a billion dollars worth of damage to homes throughout the U.S. each year. On average, a single home with termites may suffer from about $3,000 in damages. Unfortunately, homeowners’ insurance policies usually do not cover termite damage, leaving the repair costs to the homeowners.

Where do termites live?

Termites travel from their colony, which is established outside, to the interior of your home through mud tubes. Once inside your home, they hide in unseen areas like underneath flooring, behind walls, ceilings, plywood, and inside structural support beams. Termites may live inside your basement, lower level of your home, or even the attic in cases of severe infestation. Rotten wood attracts termites, which is why properly maintaining your home is an essential step in preventing termites. However, termites are known to infest newly built homes as well.

How can I prevent termites?

The best way to prevent termites in Murfreesboro is with professional termite prevention. At Ameri Care, we offer termite treatments to help ensure you never have to become a statistic forced into costly home repairs that could have been prevented. The best termite companies in Murfreesboro also recommend repairing any rotten or exposed wood on the inside or outside of your home. Check areas like where gutters hang, soffits, and around windows and doors where leaks are most common. We also recommend checking your crawlspace, if you have one, ensuring there are no moisture issues. If there are, you may want to ask about crawlspace encapsulation in Nashville. Additionally, if you’re buying or selling a home, we recommend ordering a termite inspection so that if termites are present, the issue can be dealt with immediately.

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