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What are wasps?Wasp Removal Nashville and Mt. Juliet

Types of Wasps:

  • Yellow Jackets – Yellow Jackets are black and yellow and about .5 inches in length. The most common place to find yellow jacket nests is in the ground, but they can build a nest inside normally in a wall or attic.
  • Paper Wasps -Paper wasps get their name from the gray paper looking material of their nests. Paper wasps will normally build their nests in the under hangs of homes and in attics.
  • Hornets -Hornets are much larger than yellow jackets and can grow as large as 2 inches.  Hornets look like yellow jackets and they also have the ability to sting many times.  The hornets’ nest are typically found in trees and bushes but can also be built in attics.

Dangers of Wasps:

Wasp can be extremely dangerous to pets and humans, they do not pose a danger to property though.  Wasp are very aggressive and the yellow jacket is one of the most aggressive types of wasps.  Wasps are able to inject vast amounts of venom because of their ability to sting multiple times.  Wasp attacks can lead to severe allergic reactions that can even lead to death in certain individuals.

Causes and Solutions for Wasp Infestations

Most often your property is attractive to wasps due to the supply of food and water. Once the queen comes out of hibernation in early spring then the new wasp nests are built. You should enlist a trained pest control professional to deal with wasp nests.  Wasps can cause severe allergic reactions to you, your family and pets if you do not remove the nest properly.  Another danger with wasps is if you do not destroy the colony then you will likely see the wasps return.  You can only really prevent wasps from building nests in your walls and attics by making sure you seal any opening that would allow wasps access to your home.

Our pest control technicians will provide you a thorough treatment plan to ensure you remove your wasps. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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