6 Signs that your Crawlspace has a Water Problem

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Determining and controlling the moisture level in a crawlspace is vital to your home’s structural health and stability. An installed moisture meter can paint a lucid picture of high moisture levels in your home’s crawlspace. However, if you don’t have one, there are other things that you can check to ensure your crawlspace stays dry. Our Nashville crawlspace waterproofing experts at Ameri Care Services shares on the blog six signs that your crawlspace has a water problem and how you can stop moisture from damaging your home.

  1. Wet Foundation Wall

Your home’s foundation walls provide crucial support to its structure. Unfortunately, it can also allow water to seep into the crawlspace when improperly sealed. Unpainted foundation walls may have discoloration of light and dark spots. Typically, the dark spots indicate an active or past moisture intrusion that could cause significant and expensive damage. Therefore, our crawlspace experts in Murfreesboro recommend addressing the moisture first from the wall’s exterior to keep out moisture.

  1. Painted Foundation Walls

Some Nashville homes may have waterproofing painted foundation walls. Paint discoloration is a key indicator that your crawlspace has high moisture levels. You may notice hues of yellow or dark brown in high moisture areas. Although some home builders and contractors feel that applying waterproofing paint on cinder blocks is an effective waterproofing method, it often fails to maintain a dry crawlspace.

  1. Efflorescence Presence

When you examine your crawlspace looking for moisture sources, one sign may slip by if you are unaware it exists. For example, efflorescence is the salt deposits that remain on your crawlspace walls after it dries. The deposits can appear on both painted and non-painted walls. Our Nashville crawlspace waterproofing pros explain that efflorescence is a sign of current or past moisture present in the foundation. When you notice efflorescence in your crawlspace, it’s time to contact the pros and stop moisture from leaking into your home.

  1. Wood Rot Fungus and Mold

Wood rot fungus and mold are two conditions that indicate your home has a major water problem. These conditions can quickly cause damage to organic material and require replacement for wood joists. Additionally, you may need an additional service called soda blasting to remove fungus and mold spores that can spread throughout your home. Unfortunately, fungus and mold can begin growing when your crawlspace becomes humid, struggles with dew point issues, or gets exposed to water leaks from the above living space or plumbing issues in the crawlspace.

  1. Condensation

Condensation that develops on the interior areas of your crawlspace or HVAC equipment is an excellent indicator of high humidity levels. Whether it appears on plumbing fixtures, HVAC ductwork, or the wood itself, the additional moisture increases the risk of mold development and attracts pests looking for a water source.

  1. Crawlspace Pests

Pests and rodents are constantly on the lookout for water sources and shelter. Unfortunately, when your crawlspace has plenty of moisture to offer, pests and rodents often make your home their home. Therefore, our Murfreesboro crawlspace pros advise homeowners to address moisture problems before wasting time and money on pest problems. Many times, when you eliminate a life-sustaining source for pests, they migrate to other areas and voluntarily leave your home.

Crawlspace Waterproofing in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Your home is an investment that deserves protection from natural elements that can cause expensive damage. When water enters your crawlspace, it begins to destroy your home. Therefore, our Nashville waterproofing experts at Ameri Care Services recommend scheduling a crawlspace consultation to determine the moisture level and needed repairs to protect your home. Please call our office at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.