How to Find the Right Company to Waterproof your Basement

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Contrary to popular belief, basements are not inevitably damp and musty. Rather, a damp basement is a sign that something is wrong, and for a variety of reasons: it can create mold, destroying anything that is stored, it can wreak havoc on walls and floors and it can cause unpleasant smells. Wet basements should be waterproofed – and by someone who knows how.

Fortunately, our professionals at Ameri Care Services take care of this task, but how can someone find the best people for the job?

How they advertise themselves

Search companies that actually advertise their waterproofing services, as opposed to contractors who advertise other home repairs or maintenance and add waterproofing as an extra. Those who advertise waterproofing specifically have specialization and expertise in this service.


Ask to see the appropriate credentials from the professional to be hired and double-check with various boards or agencies. Also, verify if they are insured for the project.


In this day and age, almost no one buys a new or unfamiliar product without first checking the reviews. The same should go for waterproofers. Check both reviews on their own website (which will typically be the best and most positive) as well as online reviews (which will also include those who were not completely satisfied). Compare these reviews, and note whether the satisfied customers outnumber the disgruntled ones. If one has both the time and the opportunity, check with those who supply both types of reviews for more information and ask what was so positive/unsatisfactory.

Avoid unsolicited pop-in waterproofers

It is not unheard of for “contractors” to visit neighborhoods – especially in the aftermath of a disaster – offering cheap, fast services like waterproofing. Some of these may be legitimate waterproofers who just set up shop and are trying to gain business, but many are predatory sham companies that will do a terrible job and then disappear. A solid company with roots in the community will be far more likely to do quality work, and their advertising, credentials, and reviews will be readily available.

In-person visit

Every basement is unique and has its own set of circumstances. It only makes sense to go with a company that can give an honest appraisal based on first-hand knowledge of one’s own particular house. It is a significant red flag if a company offers a definite timetable about starting, completion, and cost sight-unseen – and even more so if they claim they can start immediately (one may justifiably wonder why they have so much availability).

If the company sends a technician, be sure to ask all the relevant questions:

  • When can the project be started, and when can it be completed?
  • What specifically needs to be done, and can you do all of it (or, if they cannot, what additional service of services will be needed)?
  • Will there be materials or procedures that would possibly be delayed by supply chain issues?
  • What are the working hours (to see if their work schedule is compatible with when the client will be available, especially if the client needs to ask questions or if there is a problem)?
  • Will they provide an estimate or a contract in writing that includes all services and materials?
  • What, if anything, might add cost?

Compare estimates

It is always in one’s best interest to get estimates from several different companies and compare them. If one company’s prices are lower, look to see if something is missing that may be a hidden cost later.

In the end, homeowners want a quality waterproofing job completed by a reliable, trustworthy company. Just such a company is Ameri Care Services. Located in Murfreesboro, for the last 25 years Ameri Care has offered commercial and residential pest and termite control services, basement and crawl space waterproofing, and moisture management throughout Middle Tennessee and parts of East Tennessee. To schedule a visit, fill out our contact form.