Water Damage vs. Condensation

water damage vs condensation

water damage vs condensationNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Water damage comes in different forms. By this, we mean water can leak in from the outside, or be caused by condensation. Diagnosing the problem is the first step in figure out where the water is coming from. From there, you can take the best approach to stop the problem. Waterproofing experts in Nashville at Ameri Care Services want to share a few tips on how to tell the difference between the two types of water damage, and what can be done about it.

Water Damage vs. Condensation

This may seem rather obvious – water damage means there is water of any kind showing up in your basement, on the floor or the walls. But, water damage is different than condensation, and both have different remedies. Water damage is water that is seeping in from the outside. It may collect on the basement’s floors or walls. If it is coming from the ceiling, however, it could be from an issue with a pipe inside your home.

Condensation occurs when water droplets, puddles, or wet spots form on your basement floor or walls as a result of moist, warm air mixing with the cooler foundation, walls, or uninsulated pipes. This often is the cause of basements having that notorious clammy feeling or musty smell. Condensation that forms in your crawl space can also be harmful as it encourages wood rot, attracts insects, and could compromise the integrity of your home’s structure.

Homeowners may often mix up water damage and condensation. But, here’s how to tell the difference. Take a good-sized piece of foil and tape it over the wet spot, and leave it for a few days, go back and check to see if condensation has formed on top of the foil. If it has, then you likely are dealing with a humidity problem. If water is only underneath the foil, then you probably have a water leak.

Another way to check is if you only notice water droplets during the hot summer, then it probably is from the humidity levels in your basement. You also can take a look at how the water flows around your house after it rains. If you notice an increased amount of water anywhere in your basement after a good rain, then it could be rainwater that is seeping in.

Solutions to water in your basement

The good news is that Ameri Care Services has solutions to either problem that you may have. If you need affordable basement waterproofing in Murfreesboro or want to inquire about having a professionally installed dehumidifier for your home in Nashville, our trained experts are here to help. We can diagnose the problem, and make the best recommendation to keep your basement dry, which ultimately protects your investment. Whether your home could benefit from our professionally installed CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing services, or a heavy-duty dehumidifier by SaniDry, we provide a free consultation to diagnose the cause of your water damage.

Don’t ignore water damage

Even if you don’t use your basement that often, or not at all, you still should not ignore any type of water damage. Eventually, mold could form behind the walls or under flooring, which is not safe and even known to be a health hazard. Water damage also could compromise the structure, making your home unsafe or unlivable, neither of which sound like a good way to treat your investment.

Professional Waterproofing in Murfreesboro

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