Why you should Consider Waterproofing your Crawlspace this Winter

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A home’s crawlspace seems like such an insignificant or irrelevant part of the overall house, but you may be surprised by the problems that can start in this small, unfinished and often unused area of your home. Since crawl spaces are the foundation of your home, it stands to reason that when something goes wrong there, the entire house can be negatively affected.

Our moisture-control professionals in Murfreesboro are taking to today’s blog to share some of the primary reasons you should waterproof your crawl space this winter.

Improved air quality

Like basements, crawl spaces are notorious for growing mold and mildew because of moisture. This makes these spaces a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can affect the air quality of your overall home. If the air is damp and musty, it indicates mold and mildew are present. This can lead to health hazards for people who suffer from respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma. Keep the air quality inside your home healthy by keeping your crawl space clean, dry and sealed.

Structural stability

When water seeps into the foundation of your home, it contracts and expands with temperature fluctuations. Moisture in drywall and wood creates the perfect environment for pests and mold/mildew to grow and thrive. All of this can destabilize the integrity of your home’s foundation over time.

Prevent water leaks

Just a few days of rain can cause big problems in your crawl space if it isn’t waterproofed. Sealing your crawlspace can prevent leaks and protect your home from water damage that compromises the stability of your foundation.

Waterproof your crawl space in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Some people allow cost to influence them into passing over preventative measures to protect their homes. But nothing good happens with water and the building materials that make up your home, especially in damp, dark places like a crawl space or basement. In the long run, money is saved by investing in prevention. If you have questions or need to discuss waterproofing your crawl space or basement, call our Nashville area waterproofing specialists at Ameri Care Services, (615) 823-8224, or visit us online to schedule a free consultation today.