Wood-Boring Beetles


Wood Boring BeetleNashville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet TN

Wood Boring Beetle Appearance:

Color: Brown.

Size: Up to .25 inches

Dangers Wood Boring Beetle:

Wood-boring beetles do not pose any serious health risks although some species may bite if angered.  They can, however, cause significant property damage to structures made out of wood.

Causes and Solutions for Wood Boring Beetles Infestations

Wood-boring beetle feed on wood and they can cause major destruction to wood.  The beetles cause significant so much destruction due to the fact that they remain hidden while they feed. The adult wood boring beetles don’t eat wood only the beetle larvae do.  If you see the hole where the beetle larvae have been feeding then it is because they have left already. Wood Boring Beetles can be difficult to control on your own. Preventing wood-boring beetles from returning is very difficult because of how the larvae feed. You can take certain steps to reduce the chances of the wood-boring beetles return by using seasoned lumber in construction and inspecting lumber and keeping firewood outside until it is needed.

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