CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation

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There are only two primary ingredients needed for rot and mold to thrive: one is organic material, like the wood beneath a home, and the second is water. Replacing the wood in a house is practically impossible, so the only avenue to preventing structural damage and those musty smells is to eliminate the moisture.

Previously the tactic was to add vents to a crawl space, which were supposed to allow the moisture to dissipate. These vented crawl spaces, instead of becoming less damp, end up being more wet for several reasons. The stack effect, a house’s natural tendency to draw air in from the crawl space and lower levels upward into living spaces, means that instead of letting moist air out, a house sucks more moist air in! Another problem with venting a crawl space is that it allows all kinds of bugs and critters direct access to a home.

The biggest issue with adding vents is that it does not address the main problem – moisture from the dirt beneath a home – so venting a crawl space isn’t even addressing the actual problem.

Even if a crawl space is not flooded or visibly wet, that additional humidity can spell trouble for your home – and your health. The fungus responsible for rot and mold not only eats away at the structure of a home, but spreads by producing millions and millions of airborne spores. These spores are a prime suspect for aggravating allergies and many people don’t even know what it is that bothers them when they are at home.

There is a solution, however, to all of these problems. Instead of struggling against nature to remove moisture from a crawl space, Basement Systems developed the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System, which seals a crawl space off from that moisture coming up from the dirt and from the damp air outside.

CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Rather than let the moisture in and then try to get rid of it, CleanSpace isolates a home from the earth entirely so the humidity never gets in there to begin with. This strategy also stops bugs and other critters from getting into a crawl space while reducing, or sometimes even eliminating mold growth and rot.

The key to the CleanSpace system is the patented, 20-mil thick liner material. It is a tough blend of seven polyethylene and polyester cord reinforcement layers, designed especially for crawl spaces. Since the side you see after installation is bright white, it really brightens a crawl space and lets you know that it is free of mold, insects and dirt. The liner is so tough you can crawl on it and use your crawl space for storage without worry of putting holes or tears in it. And, of course, it completely stops moisture from getting in and ruining the underside of your house.