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Mosquito control Nashville, Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet and Franklin TN

Mosquito Appearance:

Color: Brown with white stripes.

Size: Very small and have a slim body and round head

Danger of Mosquitoesa:

Mosquitoes are dangerous to humans they can carry and spread many different diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever.  Mosquito bites are also quite uncomfortable and are itchy and red.

Causes and Solutions for Mosquito Infestations

Standing water is an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. Areas such as ponds or wading pools are ideal for mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes like to hide in bushes and high grass when it is hot outside. Getting rid of mosquitoes is a difficult task for residential and business owners.  Mosquitoes live and reproduce outside which makes it virtually impossible to eliminate them completely.  The best way to help reduce mosquitoes is to contact a professional exterminator. Removing or reducing standing water on your property can help lower the mosquito population, mosquitoes require standing water to reproduce. Makes sure you have doors and windows properly sealed with screens or keeping them closed will help prevent mosquitoes from entering your home or business.

With more than 30 years of experience, our team of professional exterminators at Ameri Care Services are trained to help you solve your mosquito problem.  Our pest control technicians will provide you a thorough treatment plan to ensure you get rid of your mosquitoes.

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