Where Do These Ants Come From?


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Warm weather is here, and that means insects of all kinds begin to make their yearly emergence. Ants are no exception to this, and they will begin to infest your home in a heartbeat. Anywhere there is a possible food source, ants will be there to chow down on any and all crumbs available. An infestation of ants in your home can be a real headache when you’re not sure how to oust them. The most effective way to deal with a colony of ants in your home is to prevent them from infiltrating your home in the first place. That’s why it’s best to know how and why an ant infestation may begin.

Common types of house ants in Tennessee

There are several species of house-invading ants across the U.S. They aren’t dangerous or harmful per se, but the tiny colony bugs can be quite the nuisance when they make their way into your home.

  • Little black ants: Only measuring between 1/25- and 1/16-inch in length, these ants are small but numerous. Once a food source is located inside your home by one, they can gather in your home by the hundreds.
  • Carpenter ants: Larger than most other pest ants, carpenter ants are exactly what they sound like: insects that make their home base in damaged wood. They also have the ability to develop multiple colonies in a small area.
  • Odorous house ants: Measuring about an eighth of an inch, these black ants are not dangerous to humans, but smell quite foul when they’re squished. Some say the odor of these ants resembles moldy blue cheese.
  • Fire ants: Unlike the previous species mentioned in this article, fire ants are aggressive and will attack and bite when something invades their territory, and their turf can easily span the entirety of your backyard. They generally nest outside, but they will travel inside your home for food and water.

How to prevent an ant infestation

By making sure your house is tidy and up to date in repairs, you can greatly reduce your chances of having an ant infestation. Make sure you take out the trash when you have a full bag and don’t let it build up indoors. Ensure your indoor trash cans have secure lids and your outdoor trash cans are at least ten feet from your house. Make sure all of your crumbs, food scraps or spills are cleaned up and not left to linger on your countertops and floors. Disinfect your eating and food preparation areas after each use, clean your sink after doing dishes and sweep and mop on a regular basis.

Use storage containers to hold food. These should be plastic, metal or glass containers with airtight lids to keep ants or other pests from sharing your groceries. Make sure to protect your pets’ food as well, as this is a commonly overlooked source of food for ants.

Seal any possible entrance points. Check the outside of your house for any possible places ants may be able to enter your home: doors, windows, around foundations and pipes. Repairing door and window seals and caulking any gaps in the foundation or around pipes will help prevent ants from helping themselves to your home.

Pest control for ants in Middle Tennessee

Don’t let ants come marching into your home this summer. We can treat for ants and all the other common varieties of pests as part of our regular pest control treatments. Right now, Ameri Care Services is offering a complimentary evaluation of any home or business interested in our pest control services. To find out more, give us a call at (615) 893-7111 or visit us online to schedule your free consultation today.