7 Springtime Pest Control Tips

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Springtime is a season of warm temperatures, blooming flowers, and time for short sleeves. But unfortunately, it’s also when pests emerge from dormancy and become active. Whether they are ready to mate, hungry, or looking for shelter, unforgiving winter conditions could create more desire for them to enter your home. Therefore, our Nashville pest control experts share on the blog today seven springtime pest control tips so that you can enjoy a pest-free home during this warm weather season.

  1. Know the Enemy

Even though you may have pests in your home year-round, some species become more active during warm weather seasons. For example, termites begin their mating cycle during spring, so you may see termite swarms on your property or notice discarded termite wings in window sills. Also, mosquitos can find an abundance of water during this time of year, encouraging them to reproduce. Our pest control pros in Murfreesboro explain that knowing the pest type invading your home can help with treatments and prevention.

  1. Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

Unrelenting winter weather can cause damage to your home or property. Therefore, you must inspect your home’s exterior to uncover new exploitable areas that could be perfect for pest entryways. For example, pests can sneak through cracks in the foundation, siding damage, chipped window panes, roof damage, or faulty weather stripping. Therefore, our Nashville pest control technicians recommend homeowners conduct a thorough examination of their homes at least once per year to maintain their property and keep pests away.

  1. Inspect Your Home’s Interior

Spring cleaning inside your home should entail more than dusting and washing curtains. Our pest control experts in Murfreesboro explain that homeowners should thoroughly inspect outdoor decorations stored from the holidays as pests can hitch a ride indoors. Also, make sure to check the attic and basement areas too, as these are prime spots for pests due to damp conditions.

  1. Yard Maintenance

In many homeowner cases, yardwork mostly ceases during the cold winter months. Then, after the spring arrives, their lawn is messy and in need of some tender loving care. Unfortunately, leaving fall debris like leaves and twigs can encourage spring pests to visit your lawn. Therefore, our pest control professionals in Nashville advise homeowners to clear their properties of winter debris and remove standing water sources to discourage pests.

  1. Food and Waste

Upon emerging from their winter slumber, pests are hungry and searching for plentiful food sources. Unfortunately, your food pantry is a prime location for pests to find food, so you must store food products in air-tight containers to prevent unwanted pests. In addition, our Murfreesboro pest control company encourages proper home cleaning, including trash disposal. Placing trash in lidded receptacles can reduce enticing smells and discourage pests from hanging around.

  1. Control Moisture

Spring often brings a fair amount of moisture through melting snow, rainfall, and runoff. Unfortunately, pests gravitate to damp or moist areas as most need it for survival, while others thrive in the environment. Therefore, our experienced Nashville pest control company encourages homeowners to ensure leaky pipes receive repair, clogged gutters get cleaned out, and pooling water gets drained. Additionally, basements and crawlspaces should receive a waterproofing barrier to help control pests in addition to controlling moisture.

  1. Keep It Clean

Spring cleaning helps get out the clutter and dirt that settled over the winter. However, when you resort to deep cleaning your home only once per year, you dramatically increase your chances of inviting unwanted pests. Therefore, our Murfreesboro pest control technicians encourage homeowners to maintain a clean and tidy home year-round to reduce pest presence.

Pest Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

As the temperatures begin to warm, the pests begin to swarm. So, follow the above tips when spring cleaning your home, reducing unwanted pest risk. If you find more pests than you can handle with regular cleaning practices, feel free to call our Nashville pest control company, Ameri Care Services, at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.