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Rat Appearance:

Color: Roof Rats – Black and have a lighter belly while Norway Rats are more of a tan to brown color.

Dangers of Rats:

Rats carry diseases and can create extensive damage to property.  If not treated, both the Norway rat and the roof rat can destroy insulation, wiring, plumbing and dry wall by chewing through them.  Rats will also dig tunnels, which can weaken and cause problem with your homes foundation.

Causes and Solutions for Rat Infestations

Most rodents including rats need humans to survive as they are their source of food and water most often.  Rats are especially active in the colder months of the year as they are searching for food, shelter and water.  Rats can fit into very small spaces and climb almost anything.  The cause of your rat problem is most likely because of the rats found food, shelter and water in or on your property.Getting rid of rats in your home or business can be hard since rats are capable of hiding almost anywhere and are mainly active at night.  It is also difficult to find all of the places the rats may have built their nests, if you do not remove all the nest then the rats will most likely return.  Sealing your basement of crawl space with one of the waterproofing solutions offered by Ameri Care Services can eliminate any opening in your foundation to keep the rats out.  Keeping food including pet food in air tight container and removing any water sources for the rats can help keep them away.

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