termites nashville

termites nashville

Nashville, Murfreesboro and Mt. Juliet TN

Termite Appearance:

Color: White with a yellow head but varies depending upong type of termite. The kings and queens are the reproductive termites that are larger in size and are either black or dark brown

Size: Around .25 inches.

Dangers of Termites:

Termites are very dangerous to property but are not a direct danger to humans.  Termite colonies can have millions of members which can lead to severe damage to the wooden structures in your home or business.

Causes and Solutions for Termite Infestations

Termites are attracted to moist wood with water damage so they are primarily looking for this as a food source when they enter your home. Getting rid of termites can be almost impossible without the use of a professional pest control or termite company. Termites reside almost exclusively inside their tunnels and nests, this makes it hard to see how much termite damage they have caused. Contacting a professional termite exterminator is the best way to deal with termites.  You should seek immediate help from Ameri Care services if you suspect you have a termite problem.

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