5 Reasons to Opt for Year-Round Termite Treatments

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Termites are known to thrive and swarm during the hot, humid spring and summers here in Tennessee. However, it’s a common myth that termites (and other pests) die off during the winter. Termites actually just burrow deeper into the ground or inside your home, destroying it without your knowledge. Wood-destroying insects cause approximately $30 billion in property damage each year. That’s why Ameri Care Services offers year-round termite control in Murfreesboro and Nashville. We provide a treatment that puts a barrier around the perimeter of your building, defending it against wood-destroying insects, no matter what the season or weather might be, and offering you peace of mind. Meanwhile, bait stations lure any nearby termites, returning toxic bait to the colony and spreading the poison. So today on the blog, Ameri Care shares five reasons to opt for year-round termite treatments in Nashville.

Reason 1: Termites can venture far in search of food

When termites are looking for a meal, they’ll travel a long way in search of it. Subterranean termites, the most common termite species in middle Tennessee, can scamper as far as the distance of a football field—that’s 100 yards—if they find a potential food source. They don’t make this trip above ground; instead, they create tunnels inside your yard. The protective barrier from year-round termite control repels these pests regardless of how far they travel.

Reason 2: Even when above ground, termites can be hard to find

To actually infiltrate the wooden walls of a home, subterranean termites need to build mud tubes. Termites build these tubes out of a combination of their own saliva, dirt, and wood. They look like thin brown lines. They might seem obvious, but termites also prefer shady spots: under decks, porches, patios, and other exterior structures. A pest control professional has the training and experience to identify mud tubes from signs that may go unnoticed by the novice property owner. We can place bait stations in the areas that termites are likely to prefer.

Reason 3: They’re quiet

When inside their tunnels, be they mud tubes or underground, subterranean termites emit clicking sounds to communicate with other colony members. If you think you can keep an ear out for clicks and find these pests, think again. You usually can hear these sounds only through the use of a stethoscope or some other type of sound-amplifying device. With year-round termite control, you can put away the stethoscope and rest easy, knowing your bait stations exist to detect any approaching termites.

Reason 4: Termite damage is expensive

As mentioned, termites do billions in property damage each year. Termite damage can threaten the structural integrity of your home or business, requiring a significant or total rebuild. Yes, year-round termite protection has a cost, but it’s cheaper than rebuilding your entire home or business at your own expense.

Reason 5: Termites don’t want to be found

Termites burrow deep inside your walls, under flooring, and out of sight. That’s what makes a termite infestation difficult to spot by most homeowners. By the time you see visible signs of these pests such as mud tubes or even notice the actual termites crawling or flying around, it’s too late, and you’ve got a full-blown infestation on your hands, requiring mitigation treatments to get rid of the termites.

Termite Control in Murfreesboro and Nashville

Protecting your property against termites is a must. Ameri Care Services can help. The process starts by contacting our office at (615) 893-7111 to schedule your consultation today. From there, we’ll send out one of our experienced pest control technicians to conduct a comprehensive termite inspection, looking for signs of current infestation or problem areas that might leave your property vulnerable to wood-destroying insects.