Can Newly Built Homes have Termites?

can new homes have termites

can new homes have termitesNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Buying a home is an exciting time, especially in today’s market. Many people looking to purchase a home in Nashville may opt for a newly built home for several reasons. Newly built homes are fresh, clean, and less likely to have any problems, at least one would assume. However, one thing that affects all types of homes, whether new or old, is termites. Nashville is home to the subterranean termite species. They are a problem year-round but swarm during the warmer, humid months of spring and summer. With the right steps, you can protect your home from termites this season and beyond. So let’s discuss how newly built homes can have termites.

As with any home, the contractor’s initial building practices significantly affect its structural integrity. Unfortunately, many homebuyers are not present during the building process or lack knowledge of home building and do not know what to look for if the contractor makes errors. This could mean that you deal with leaks, cracks, and structural problems later. But unfortunately, those things aren’t apparent when you first purchase your house because you only see the exterior finishes, not the structural beams and everything else underneath the sheetrock.

Newly built homes can have termite damage or may attract termites for several reasons

  1. Poor property drainage

These days, neighborhood homes are built entirely too close together. While this saves the contractor money and is less yard work for the homeowner, it could also affect the property drainage. Many homes in Middle Tennessee are built over a crawlspace because it is cheaper to build than installing a basement. However, crawlspaces are known to collect moisture and develop mold and mildew. You might assume this isn’t a problem, except it means wood framing and support beams could eventually rot and attract termites. It’s important to fix water drainage issues and ensure that your crawlspace remains dry.

  1. Compromised structural integrity

If the contractor’s builders produce poor quality work, you could end up with leaks or exposed wood that eventually gets wet and attracts termites. This may not happen all at once but won’t take long, considering a single termite colony can consume an average of one 2×4 within five months. Every support beam and 2×4 in your home is doing a job – holding up walls, ceilings, and the roof. You wouldn’t want them to start disappearing at alarming rates! Therefore, it’s essential to choose a top-rated builder when purchasing a new home or choosing to have a home built.

  1. The framing was exposed to the elements too long

In some cases, builders get so far in a project and then leave it while tending to another job. This is normal, although leaving a framed house out in the elements for too long could subject it to wood rot. However, as long as the framing is able to dry out from the sun thoroughly, it is fine to be left in the element for a short period. But, be sure to ask when the build started so that you can know how long the framing was exposed.

Termite Protection in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Hermitage

When purchasing a home, it’s always best to get a termite inspection, even if it is a brand-new home. Don’t assume that a newly built home is going to be free of termites and any other problems that you’d usually find with an older home. Also, once you move into your new home, be sure not to do these six things that attract termites. Contact Ameri Care Services to schedule a termite inspection or request a termite letter in Murfreesboro. Get started by calling (615) 893-7111 or visiting our website today.