How Long are Termites a Problem in Murfreesboro?

how long are termites a problem

how long are termites a problemNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

Homeowners, new and old, show concern over termite infestations. As a well-warranted fear, termites can invade your home during any season and create structural problems, with or without your knowledge, that reduce your home’s value. Whether you know very little or a whole lot about termites, our Murfreesboro pest control technicians at Ameri Care can help control their population in your home. In today’s blog post, we share how long termites can be a problem in Murfreesboro, how to know when they’re the most active, and how to keep them at bay to protect your home investment.

Tennessee Termites

Although there are several termite species within the United States, the most common are subterranean and dry wood termites. In some cases, you may encounter Formosan or damp wood termites attracted to the cellulose particles found in wood. Leading Murfreesboro termite control companies explain that subterranean termites build underground nests outside your home. Then, they create a pathway directly to your home on which they travel daily to gather food for survival. In addition, termites sometimes create mud tunnels that protect them from daylight and heat as they travel undetected between their colony and your home.

Termite Season

Termite season typically lasts from April to October when the air is warm and full of moisture. Summer peak months are when termites are most active and may look to relocate their colony to another location on your property. The experienced termite control technicians in Murfreesboro explain that no matter where termites live, in, or near your home, they can become a year-round nuisance. During the cold months, termites drastically reduce their activity but do not stop feeding on your home’s wood. Unfortunately, Tennessee weather doesn’t reach temperatures cold enough to kill or cease termite activity. Therefore, termites hide in your home for warmth and food while continuing the damage-causing habits of consuming wood.

Termite Prevention

Since termites can survive year-round, homeowners and property owners must be constantly aware of termite signs. During the spring and early summer months, you may notice termite swarmers searching for food or additional nest locations. Also, you may find termite carcasses or shed wings on windowsills. Upon termite discovery, contact an experienced Murfreesboro pest control company for professional treatment services. Although a store-bought treatment may be less expensive, they often do not rid termite populations from homes. Depending on the infestation extent, multiple professional treatments to handle termite infestations.

Termite Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Termites in your home or on your property are a cause for concern. With a year-round assault on your home’s interior structure, you could experience undesired repair expenses and decreased home value. Therefore, contact our Murfreesboro pest control experts at Ameri Care Services for immediate termite intervention and treatment. Feel free to call our office at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to request an appointment. Our qualified technicians will inspect your home and customize a treatment plan to remove termites and restore peace in your investment.