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Common Types of Ticks:

  • Deer Ticks or Blacklegged ticks -This type of tick is associated with the spread of Lyme disease and can be found in wooded areas.  The deer tick is most active in the spring and fall, they are an eighth of an inch long and rust colored.
  • Lone star tick -The lone star ticks are most active from April to late June.  The lone star tick is the least common of the three ticks listed her and are about an eighth of an inch long and brown with the females having a white spot on her back.
  • American Dog Tick -The American dog tick is active all year long except for winter.  The American dog tick feeds on dog sized animals and can spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever.  The American dog tick are rust color with white or yellow marking and live along wooded paths.  They can reach up to one half inch in length when engorged and live along wooded paths.

Dangers of Ticks:

Ticks are considered dangerous since they can spread diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.  The saliva of ticks contains the germs and bacteria responsible for spreading diseases.

Causes and Solutions for Tick Infestations

Ticks are mostly brought onto your property by wild animals and then carried into your home by your pets. Ticks can also attach to cloths or belonging as you walk past them. It may be difficult to completely get rid of ticks in your home and on your property without the help of a professional exterminator.  Tick eggs can hatch months later and lead to a re-infestation

It is extremely hard to keep animals from entering and carrying ticks back onto your property but you can take a few steps to help prevent ticks from returning to your property.  Make sure your pets are treated with flea and tick control and also checked before returning inside.

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