The Lesser-Known Issues with Dirt Crawl Space Floors

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Homeowners worldwide can experience issues with their crawl space area that majorly affect their home’s indoor air quality. Those with dirt crawl spaces may have several common problems, but additional complications exist for homes with little to no protection. Our Nashville professional crawl space company, Ameri Care Services, shares on the blog today the lesser-known issues with dirt crawl space floors and how they can impact your investment.

Why do you have a dirt crawl space?

One of the easiest and lower expense methods to build a home on uneven terrain is by adding a dirt crawl space. Since builders know it costs extra money to include a basement or level the soil at the home site, they often create an elevated home with a crawl space. In addition, Murfreesboro’s crawl space experts agree that builders usually store plumbing, mechanical, and other building materials that create an eyesore in the crawlspace area during the construction process, which helps the builder save money.

What problems should I expect with a dirt crawl space?

The most common problem with dirt crawl spaces is the increased flooding risk. Since contractors don’t often focus on foundational drainage systems, the water from your yard can flood your crawlspace area. Therefore, our experienced crawl space technicians in Nashville can install a drain system with a sump pump and correct exterior issues to keep from flooding your crawl space.

The soil under your home is prone to give off groundwater as humidity emits from the earth. Murfreesboro’s crawl space pros explain that a vapor barrier is essential for dirt crawl spaces to help control the moisture. Unfortunately, when humidity is present in your crawl space, the wood materials can absorb the water, leading to wood rot, fungus, mold, and mildew development that destroys your home’s value.

What works with the vapor barrier to keep moisture from my crawl space?

Once you install a French drain and apply the vapor barrier to the ground, pillars, and foundation walls, you should consider a crawl space dehumidifier to reduce moisture. Although dehumidifiers often get overlooked as a viable crawl space treatment, our knowledgeable crawl space technicians in Nashville recommend installing a unit in your moist crawl space. Unfortunately, the soil does not control humidity naturally, so a dehumidifier must maintain humidity levels between 45% to 55% for optimal conditions.

Crawl Space Company in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Untreated crawl spaces can increase your home’s risk of developing conditions that require expensive repairs and can devalue your home. Homeowners who have a dirt crawl space should contact a crawl space company in Murfreesboro for an evaluation to determine the best solution to keep your crawl space dry. With our experienced technician’s help, you can reduce your risk of mold and mildew concerns and retain your home’s value. In addition, if you are concerned about moisture in your crawl space or basement, feel free to call Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule an appointment and find out how we can help you!