5 Undeniable Signs of Roaches in your Nashville Home

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Cockroaches are no strangers to humans. We’ve dealt with these pesky disease-carrying insects for years. They prefer to live where the food supply is plentiful and with access to shelter for egg-laying. However, cockroaches or roaches make their way indoors at times. People often associate roaches with dirty, old homes. But the fact is that even a newly built, well-kept home may have roaches. So today on the blog, Murfreesboro’s favorite pest control company, Ameri Care Services, shares five undeniable signs of roaches in your home. If you experience these signs, it’s time to call the pros for professional pest control treatments.

You notice droppings

Roaches leave droppings behind, although you may not notice if you’ve had only one or two roaches. However, when roaches colonize, like during an infestation, they leave droppings behind that are evident by their shape and color, resembling coffee grounds or black pepper. The most common areas of a home where you may find roach droppings are the kitchen, inside cabinets, and underneath sinks.

You spot egg casings

Female roaches are known to lay eggs every six weeks, and it takes about a month for those eggs to hatch, leaving behind egg casings as evidence of a roach colony. Since adult roaches can lay eggs four to eight times in their short lifespan, it’s easy to see how quickly they reproduce. A female American cockroach lives about one year, while German cockroaches live about 100 days. So, a few cockroaches could soon turn into an infestation inside your home.

You find cockroach skin

Many people are unaware of this fact, but roaches shed their skin about five to eight times during their life. Their skin resembles an actual roach, although it is just a shell (kind of like cicada skin shells). Therefore, if you spot roach skin shed throughout your home, inside cabinets, or elsewhere, you might have a roach problem and need to call a reliable pest control company near you in Nashville.

Your home has a strong, foul odor

Colonizing roaches emit a foul smell, which may be noticeable when you walk into the kitchen or open the pantry or cabinets. If you experience this foul odor, and there doesn’t seem to be a better explanation, you might have a roach problem in your Nashville home.

You see cockroaches inside your home

If you don’t seem to notice the other warning signs that your home has roaches, you definitely will know it is true if you spot one or more scurrying about across the floor, walls, or inside cabinets. If you only spot an occasional roach, especially if your windows or doors have been open or you’re bringing groceries or stored items into your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a roach infestation. However, spotting their egg casings, droppings, or skin probably indicates you have more than just an occasional roach running around your home. That’s when you call Ameri Care Services for roach extermination in Murfreesboro.

Roach Control in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Hermitage

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