Tips on dealing with a House Mouse during the Holidays

house mouse during the holidays

house mouse during the holidaysNashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Chattanooga TN

The holiday season is a time when you want everything in your home to be perfect. Unfortunately, that vision can come crashing down when you find an uninvited house guest. Mice enter homes searching for shelter, food, and water, especially during cold seasons. Although small, a mouse can be hazardous to your family, guests, and home’s health. Therefore, Nashville’s expert rodent control company, Ameri Care, shares tips on dealing with a house mouse during the holidays so that you have peace of mind.

Mice Hazards

The typical mouse can live for a year or more in the comfort of your home’s walls, spreading bacteria and illnesses, damaging your home, worsening conditions for asthma and allergy sufferers, and increasing your house fire risk by chewing on electrical wiring. In addition, they breed up to ten litters per year, each birthing five to six babies. Within six weeks, the new mice can reproduce more offspring. Therefore, our experienced pest control technicians in Murfreesboro recommend immediate action when you notice signs or see a mouse in your home.

Mouse Infestation Identification

Other than an apparent mouse sighting, there are signs that the rodents infiltrated your home, such as a stale, musty smell. Some homeowners report sounds of mice scurrying through the walls or attic. You may also notice mouse droppings, dark pellets the same size and shape as a rice grain, and grease marks and urine stains along baseboards. However, our Nashville pest control pros warn that their destructive pattern doesn’t stop there and can include chewing through plastic bags, candy wrappers, cardboard boxes, upholstery, and pillows.

DIY Elimination Methods

The best way to begin controlling mice inside your home is to start with traps. Several trap varieties are available, such as snap, live capture, glue, and electronic, but the most effective approach is using a combination to increase your chances of catching one. First, strategically place the traps where you see evidence of mice, as their territory expands 10 to 20 feet from their nest and food source. Add some bait to the trap to attract the mouse, and place the trap along the wall. Murfreesboro rodent control technicians state that peanut butter is the most effective mouse bait because it’s very effective and inexpensive. Also, only a pea-size amount forces the mouse to stop and eat, making it likely they spring the trap. Although oatmeal, chocolate, dried fruit, butter, or bacon can be effective, your success rate should increase when you attach the bait to the trap so the mouse doesn’t grab it and run. Then, reposition the traps every two to three days until you catch one.

Professional Treatments

Homeowners with an extensive infestation or who prefer to have professional results should seek a licensed pest control company in Nashville. Professionally placed bait stations with poisonous pellets can help safely eliminate mice. Our technicians ensure the bait stations are in the most effective area and far away from curious pets and children.

Discourage Infestations

Extermination efforts only help if you address how mice enter your home. Mice can squeeze through a dime-size opening, so it’s crucial to inspect your home’s exterior for possible entry points and seal those areas. Mice are impervious to caulking, weather stripping, or steel wool, and they can help seal around pipes and wires that enter your home or fill troublesome openings.

Murfreesboro pest control pros also recommend the following to keep from attracting mice to your home:

  • Keep your home clean. Mice can survive with small food amounts, and leaving crumbs in the kitchen or elsewhere in your home is an invitation for mice and other pests.
  • Pick up pet food. Unattended uneaten pet food provides a constant food source for mice.
  • Remove shrubbery and weeds that touch your home or its foundation. Mice can easily hide in your landscape’s foliage to avoid detection.
  • Place gravel around your foundation. Mice like to burrow in the soft ground around your foundation, but gravel can deter them.
  • Consider getting a dog or cat. Active dogs and cats can catch mice for you if they’re not overfed.

Rodent Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

A house mouse during the holidays can be a headache and add stress to an already stressful time of year. So whether you choose a DIY method or a licensed Nashville pest control company, take immediate action when you see a mouse before you have more uninvited guests. Call Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment to help you get rid of mice this holiday season.