Do Termites Disappear in Frigid Winter Temperatures?

termites and freezing temps

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Uncovering a termite presence during the winter may cause a shock. While most termites swarm during the spring and summer months, it seems like termites disappear in winter. However, the least popular wood muncher does not always follow seasonal patterns. Unfortunately, termites will stay active all winter. They mainly survive by hiding out in a nice, warm environment. Unless you’re extremely cautious, it could be your pleasant and warm home. So, our Nashville termite experts at Ameri Care Services explain what you need to understand about winter termites and ways to keep them at bay.

Where do termites go during winter?

While termites are active during the winter, this doesn’t mean they can withstand the cold. Termites, as cold-blooded insects, rely on their surroundings to provide the warmth necessary for survival. Termites die if temperatures fall below freezing unless they find shelter. And our Murfreesboro termite exterminators explain that termites are skilled in finding that cover. Termites can continue to move, eat, and build their colony as usual once they find shelter. Subterranean termites survive by tunneling further into the ground. As temperatures drop, their movements slow where they seem motionless or dead. In the majority of cases, they are still alive. Drywood termites, on the other hand, can penetrate wooden logs but will die if temperatures drop below freezing. Unfortunately, subterranean termites are the most common type of wood-destroying insects in Nashville.

What do termites do during winter?

Continue to spread! Only workers bore through wood or drill through the soil to expand the colony while also looking for food. When they come across food, they consume it completely, leaving hollowed-out tunnels in their wake. Termite workers transport the wood they consume back to the colony, where it’s fed to the reproductive or soldier termites. Our Nashville area termite control experts explain that termites can cause significant damage to wooden structures over time. Their constant feeding erodes the lumber, and the passageways they leave behind jeopardize its structural integrity. In the meantime, reproductive termites are constantly producing new workers to help the colony grow.

How do termites enter my home?

Termites enter homes by gaining access to outside wood sources close to their underground colonies. They find vulnerable wood by digging complex underground systems and then devote themselves to removing the cellulose to provide food for the colonies. Our Murfreesboro termite control pros explain that termites use the same concept to infest homes throughout the year, including the winter. They get around the cold weather by making “exploratory tubes” that consist of mud and feces. These tubes extend their shelter to food sources.

What are the early warning signs of termites?

Even during the winter, termites pose a threat. Being watchful throughout the year is necessary to keep your home secure from them. Fortunately, termites can be controlled. You can prevent anything from snacking on your home this winter if you keep a vigilant eye and take immediate action. So, our termite experts in Nashville encourage homeowners to look for mud tubes, termite entry points, discarded wings on the window sills, and other termite damage. Once you notice signs of a possible termite infection, it’s crucial that you contact us for immediate treatment to protect your home’s structure and value.

How do I stop termites from entering my home?

Termites can enter your home if they reach a wooden structure where they can stay warm. Termite tunnels allow them to escape their settlements, but they have a limited range. Therefore, our termite experts in Murfreesboro explain that it’s best to remove or protect wooden structures near the soil. Whenever possible, keep wood at least 18 inches away from the soil. Remove any wooden waste, such as firewood piles, twigs, pergolas, or wood chips that may be close to your home. Replace damaged wood with non-cellulose substitutes. Finally, contact a termite control company like Ameri Care Services for year-round inspections and treatments.

Termite Control in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN

Discovering that you have termites in your home can be heartbreaking, especially when you work so hard to protect your investment. Even though you may not see termites during the cold winter months, that doesn’t mean they disappeared. Our Nashville termite control company encourages homeowners to schedule regular termite inspections if they suspect termite activity or experience an active termite infestation. So, call Ameri Care Services at (615) 893-7111 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.